Kid breaks his arm during a Derren Brown show, gets to meet the man himself

July 20, 2018

Many a punter walks away from a Derren Brown show with their mind blown. 14-year-old, Alfie Hawes, came away  with two broken bones in his forearm.

An industrious magician in his own right, young Master Hawes, was attending a show at Southend’s Cliffs Pavilion when he tripped while returning to his seat during the intermission. 

“I had been trying to get to the stage to write a question that are put in sealed envelopes for Derren to guess what was written on them in the second half,” he told the local press. “I was walking back up the stairs and fell and hit my wrist on the step.”

While he shrugged off breaking his arm like a true performer, Hayes was disappointed he didn’t get to see the second half of Brown’s show. Fortunately for the plucky young lad, his parents managed to snag some complimentary tickets for the following day.  

This time Hayes managed to get through the whole performance with his limbs intact, and even got to meet Brown after the show.

“I don’t think Derren understood how young I was because when he saw me he said ‘Oh my God’.I think he thought I was 16 or something.”

“He was lovely, really lovely. I have spoken to other magicians about him. They have said he is one of the loveliest men and he was.”