You can catch the fabulous magician Mondre in residence at Late Night MAGIC, the after-dark magic show for adults at Alexis Park Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. MonDre has a unique style, evident in his performance and the jazz that accompanies it. He’s one of the best professional magicians working today.

Publicity: “Late Night MAGIC features a rotating cast of four unique magicians who are edgy, dark, mysterious, and sexy acts intended for mature audiences only. These magicians have been seen on stage at major Las Vegas strip hotels and The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, as well as on national and international TV shows like America’s Got Talent, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Ghost Adventures. The brainchild of Michael Mayfield and Douglas Leferovich, Late Night MAGIC, is the answer to MAGIC shows too frequently focusing on being “family-friendly” when so much of MAGIC’s history and mystery is dark, edgy, and often sexy.”

Watch MonDre demonstrate his mastery here.


Jonathan Szeles (September 9, 1958 – February 22, 2022), the beloved and wild comedian/performance artist/magician, died recently at age 63 after years of ill health due to cardiac issues.

Famous for his outrageous sense of humor, he broke taboos and gained fame in the process.

The subject of multiple documentaries in recent years, you can enjoy his unique brand of showmanship in this 1995 clip

And more in this clip from the British TV show Stuff the White Rabbit in 1997

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