The May Issue of Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine Features Randy Pitchford

April 22, 2022

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The Magic Castle has a new owner, and he’s on the cover of the May issue. Read all about how Randy Pitchford became the Academy of Magical Arts’ new landlord. Dr. Will Houstoun, Dr. Richard Wiseman, and David Britland tell us the story behind story decks (you know, routines like “Sam the Bellhop”). David Regal does some coin and do-it-yourself work in “Material Concessions,” while Jim Steinmeyer gets poetic in “Conjuring.” In “Dealing with It,” John Bannon serves up a multi-effect showpiece with cards. Jon Racherbaumer unearths an almost self-working card trick in “Exhumations,” and this month’s “Magicana” has three items, including one that’s guaranteed no FUSS.

It turns out that Hannibal wanted to play the guitar. Fortunately for us he plays a deck of cards far better; read about it in “Happiness is the Road.” Krystyn Lambert shares a chance meeting with Paul Harris in “Stage as Studio.” It’s all about firsts in this month’s “Knights at The Magic Castle” with Shawn McMaster. Vanessa Armstrong casts “The Eye” of Genii on magic’s news. Finally, our reviewers in “Light from the Lamp” this month are Tom Frame with books, Brad Henderson on tricks, and Bill Wells discusses videos. We remember three fine men of magic in this issue: Pressley Guitar, Peter Galinskas, and David Goodsell. All that and more is on the inside. In the meantime, the countdown to MAGIC Live is on. We hope to see you there.