Whether it’s the synth sounds of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” or the seemingly effortless ways Shin Lim and his friends defy the laws of physics, this is one smooth video. Shin’s put out a few compilation videos from his Instagram exploits, but this has to be his best one yet, combining some stellar sleight of hand and incredible cardistry. Bob your head to the video above, or get instant updates directly from his Instagram feed here

The Magic Castle has long been a fixture of the Los Angeles magic community, as well as a place where illusionists from all over the world come to show off their skills. For the first time in its decades-long existence, the Magic Castle will be spreading its roots and opening up a second location in China, according to a report from Variety.

The new location will be built in conjunction with Chinese tech and entertainment firm The Novaex Group and team led by magician Andrew Goldenhersch. Novaex has exclusive rights to the Magic Castle brand and intellectual property for use in hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment venues in Hong Kong, China, Macau, and Taiwan, and, according to the report, “will create a new style of magic experience, with state of the art technology playing a major part in the development.” 

“We are looking forward to the creation of this first project together with NOVAEX that will showcase the over 55-year legacy of The Magic Castle and the long history of magic in China,” said Magic Castle founder Milt Larsen at the launch event on Friday.

This is huge news for the Chinese and international magic community, especially considering that the biggest show in the country (seen by over 270 million viewers) is a variety show titled The Amazing Magicians.

I know what you’re thinking: David Blaine’s totally going to pull a card out from under his skin, or swallow a beer bottle, or regurgitate an ant farm by the end of the video, but no. This brief six-minute video from KTLA is just a couple solid card tricks and an honest chat with Blaine about his childhood to promote his show at the Dolby Theatre in LA. While Blaine never loses the deadpan, stone-faced exterior, it’s still nice to see him just do a card trick without any expectation of bodily harm, even though I waited for that final stinger every time he took a sip of water.

Scam Stuff founder Brian Bushwood is very close to locking down the perfect location for his company’s new headquarters in Austin, TX, but he needs a little more cash to seal the deal – which is why he’s putting everything on his site at deep, Black Friday-esque discount for the next three days.

You can get the devious Outlaws Vault (pictured in above) for $104.07 (nearly $50 off the list price), a full set of the Brian Bushwood Book Test for $549.97 (55% off the list price, the lowest it’s ever been), or get yourself a snazzy lock-picking set for $7.77. 

Scam Stuff is still a small shop so there’s a good chance some of this gear will sell out before the long weekend is out, so if you see something you want, grab it now here while supplies last.

The nice thing about already having the Guinness World Record for card throwing is that it doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail on subsequent reattempts – you’re still the champion. Such is the case on a recent episode of The Today Show, where Rick Smith Jr. showed off his skills, first on a watermelon (held by a deeply frightened intern who probably didn’t know what was going to happen until it was already over), and then on a target overseen by a Guinness judged. Check out the video above, then swing over here to read about his talk at Magi-Fest 2018.

Not everyone appears into magic at first glance (wild, I know), but even the most jaded individual can’t help but be impressed when an experienced mentalist messes with their head. That’s what happened this week on Pickler & Ben, when Max Major showed off a pair of mind-reading tricks with a marker and a pad of paper. While co-host Ben Aaron didn’t seem into it at first, by the end of Max’s routine, he couldn’t help but be impressed. Check out the video above, and visit Max Major’s website to watch more of his mind-bending work.

There are cruise lines and there are Disney cruise lines, and Shawn Farquhar’s done it all. In this meaty interview with TMR Studios, Farquhar talks about what makes working on a Disney cruise different from the competition, some touching stories from life at sea, and the difference between fooling someone and making someone feel special through magic. Check out the full video above, and watch more of Shawn Farquhar’s videos on YouTube.

Here’s more proof that the 80’s will never die, as both Rubik’s Cubes and Super Mario are back and bigger than ever, and Norwegian Rubik’s Cube magician Rune Carlsen combines the two of them to great effect in the final round of Norway’s Got Talent this year. He passes 24 cubes out to random audience members, who then shuffle up the cubes and hand them back. The entire time the cubes are being rearranged, the audience is treated to a romantic piano cover of the Super Mario Bros. theme song – hinting at where exactly this entire trick is headed. Check out the video above to see the full performance.

Aaron Rabkin considers himself an entertainer first, and a magician second, and a large part of that is how he uses comedy in his shows. Originally dabbling in improv and stand-up comedy, Rabkin embraced his magician side and used his sleight of hand to elevate his jokes, and vice versa. The the final part of our interview, Rabkin shares his thoughts on what makes comedy magic work, and his own thoughts on how to craft humor.

For more from our visit to the magic destinations of Chicago, check out our video interviews with Mark Toland, Dennis Watkins, and Nick Roy, and our Magic Anywhere special, focusing on the unique, hands-on approach to Chicago-style magic.

Keith Abson spent his life obsessed with magic, performing  throughout Australia and collecting a variety of posters, books, flyers and more, which he kept in an ever-growing scrapbook – and now that collection is up for auction at Lawson’s.

The collection features a variety of curios from the golden age of magic, including old issues of Tops Magazine, a ton of books written by Professor Hoffman, and a few dozen different scrapbooks filled with magic history, trick instruction, and other ephemera, compiled and annotated by Abson himself.

Online pre-bidding is still open on the Lawson Auction website, but you’ll have to be at the auction house in New South Wales, Australia to bid in person on Friday, May 25.