Despite the obvious and heavy editing of this segment, it was still an impressive audition.

There are not many outstanding 17-year-old magicians who are world class and deeply fooling. If we focus entirely on female magicians, the list shrinks to less than a handful. That’s what makes Amanda Nepo a standout in the world of magic. And she’s not just doing tricks she’s purchased online, but inventing her own magic and, in the process, fooling Penn & Teller.

You can learn a lot more about Amada here:

An audition for Britain’s Got Talent. Li Lau & Brendon: One guy solving a Rubick’s Cube while another guy sits in front of a crossbow. Does this make you uncomfortable? I guess that’s the point!


Itsy bitsy spider … Klek Entos crushed his audition on America’s Got Talent, though he later crashed and burned. Well, he burns here, too.

A not entirely successful performance by Klek Entos (a masked David Stone, well-known and extremely talented French magician) on America’s Got Talent last year still manages to generate enough creepy atmosphere to give judge Sofia Vergara the willies.


The very talented Ms. Arkane, from Belfast, did a Cups and Balls routine on Sweden’s Got Talent that has magicians around the world scratching their heads. See for yourself!