In late November of last year, Professor Duncan Gilbert, also known as Doran George, died suddenly while undergoing consensual “recreational mummification bondage,” at the hands of Hollywood executive and Magic Castle regular, Skip Chasey, also known as Master Skip. The case went unreported until last week, when celebrity crime muckraker, Mark Ebner, discussed the case report on his podcast (Note: The podcast is most definitely not a sensitive discussion of the event, nor a nuanced look at S&M culture).

Chasey’s entry on S&M resource, Leatherpedia, describes him as “a performing member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood,” and Genii Online owner, Randy Pitchford, has informed us that Chasey made an unsuccessful bid to join the Academy of Magical Arts Board of Directors during the last election.

Gilbert’s cause of death was listed simply as, “sudden death during recreational bondage.” The British-born UCLA professor, dancer, and choreographer presumably suffocated after he was wrapped in plastic wrap and gaffer tape in Chasey’s well-equipped “dungeon.” The strange manner of Gilbert’s death, as well as the presence of Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in his system has lead some to suggest his death may have been due to foul play. Both mummification and the recreational use of GHB are not uncommon in the bondage community. No criminal charges were filed in connection with the case. 

Chasey currently works for Hollywood agency, William Morris Endeavour, but was previously employed at Imagine Television, where he had a hand in negotiating deals for shows like 24, Arrested Development and Parenthood. He’s been a well-known figure in the world of bondage and sadomasochism for decades. He’s a regular keynote speaker, a former core instructor for the Butchmann’s Experience, and is the co-founder of People of Leather Among You (PLAY). His personal motto is said to be: “Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.”

David and Jamieleigh DaVinci (better known as Thrillusionist) have had a rough few months since Jamieleigh’s accident. For those unaware, Jamieleigh fell more than seven feet during a routine on a cruise liner six months ago, fracturing her wrist in the impact. She’s just given an update as to how her physical therapy is progressing in the video on Thrillusionist’s official Vimeo page

If you watch the video, you can see it’s going well, but the mobility in her left hand is severely diminished compared to her right. She can still perform handstands, though, thanks to the flexibility in her fingers. That said, she’s still having a hard time performing other tasks, like opening curtains, so David has had to tweak their act to accommodate her current strength and abilities.

Here’s hoping Jaimeleigh continues to heal as quickly and as painlessly as possible.