Hello magic fans. Did you know what the technical term for a fear of palindromes (words that are the same spelled forwards and backwards) is itself a palindrome? Yep. It’s called aibohphobia. Somebody once looked at a group of people suffering from a possibly crippling irrational fear, sat down, and thought, “man, how can I make life worse for these people?”

And then they did. That’s drive, folks. 

Anyway, here’s some magic videos to help you through this week’s 48-hour work void. 

Marvel has put out a call for size-based optical illusions to promote its latest comic book adaptation, Ant Man And The Wasp. Kevin Parry tried his best…

Unfortunately he has nothing on these two masters of the craft. We still have no idea how this was done. 

The Amazing Johnathan has been celebrating the fact he’s still not dead by releasing some classic clips from his shows, like the one above.

Denny Corby was on the set of WBRE’s PA Live  to promote his upcoming show at the FM Kirby Center on July 7th. Minds were read. 

Bicycle influencer,” John Stessel, has made an easy-to-follow tutorial for the always cool one handed cut. You’re expecting me to make a gag about Bicycles right now, but those House Blends are really nice, actually. 

I know nothing about this hirsute Asian magician other than he has amazing facial hair and something to say about FISM. If he’s asking if he can go, let him. The world needs more moustache magic. 

Dr. Naomi Paxton, perhaps better known as Ada Campe, discovered a delightful automaton that is definitely quaint and charming and not terrifying at all. 

Here’s another bit of homework for when you’re done with the one-handed cut. In the above video, Xavior Spade’s mate, Dennis Kim, will teach you how to perform the very impressive Le Paul Spread.

There we go. Another week of magic brought to its natural, satisfying conclusion. See you next week! 

I’d hadn’t heard of the Museum of Comedy’s Old Comedian of the Year competition until ten minutes ago, but I’ve been searching for an opportunity to show you folks more of the amazing Ada Campe since I came across her back in march, so it’s now a prestigious award worthy of a news article. 

The alter ego of Dr. Naomi Paxton, Campe is a hilariously unhinged magician whose shtick is pitched somewhere between a classic theatre dame and that crazy aunt who always turns up to Thanksgiving with three cats, two bottles of brandy and a loaded revolver. Her twitchy intensity and throaty vocal delivery are enough to get me laughing, even before she breaks out her psychic duck.

So what counts as “old,” in this business? 35, apparently. Hands up if you suddenly feel ancient. The competition was open to anyone over the age of 35 who has been performing non-professionally for at least five years. Dr. Paxton makes her living as a public speaker, academic, and author.   

If you were hoping to see Campe live, you’re in luck. She’ll be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.