No, the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, MA doesn’t actually float (at least it doesn’t anymore after the boat burned down in 1927), but that hasn’t stopped Adam Trent from connected a few dots with his magic routine. He’s in Boston for a show next week, and took some time out of his busy schedule to make a table levitate for the hospital’s pediatric wing the other day. 

The kids were, of course, delighted. You can check out video footage from his appearance at the hospital in the tweet above, and watch a video of Trent helping a toddler move a pair of glasses around by waving her hands in the tweet below.

And here are some pictures from his time spent at the hospital:

Simply adorable.

Adam Trent is currently enjoying a nationwide tour following his successful turn on Broadway as part of The Illusionists, and he’s chronicled a bit of his journey in a freshly-posted Facebook video simply titled “Why I Do What I Do”. Interspersed with cuts from his tour, Trent tries to get to the heart of why he likes magic, why he enjoys using it to connect with people, and what makes touring in cities both large and small so fascinating. It’s a quick burst of heartwarming inspiration for your day, and it appears that there will be more of these videos to come in the near future.

Take a couple minutes and watch the video above (or check out Adam Trent’s Facebook page), and visit Trent’s website for tour locations and ticketing information.

Adam Trent has been a busy fellow this winter. The original cast member for The Illusionists: Live on Broadway has been on the road with a solo show, which usually involves a gauntlet of interviews with local newspapers and morning talk shows. Today we’ve got an instance of the latter.

Trent closed out December with an appearance on Megyn Kelly Today. His act normally goes big, with massive installations and modern technology, but in this appearance he shows his classic roots. He does a few card tricks and some slick sleight of hand with the seemingly random items provided by the audience. 

There are people who don’t like magic shows. Shocking but true, this is something that performer Adam Trent frequently hears: “I didn’t want to come here. I’m not a fan of magic shows. But I’m so glad we came because we laughed so hard.” That’s what he dubs the top comment he receives from audience members, according to an interview with The Cap Times about his current tour.

Trent’s stage set-up can include surprising technology such as holograms and a 3D printer, and the tricks are tied together with comedy, dance, and music. He seems comfortable with the identity of his work being a gateway drug for people who aren’t usually excited by magic shows:

“I think this next generation of magicians is really redefining magic. I’m really trying to get it away from what people are used to seeing—the top hat and tails—and make it this fresh cool thing again.”

He also talks about the importance of seeing magic live and how he once threw Matt Lauer’s iPhone in a blender. Read the full interview here.