With the weekend fast approaching, it’s time to slip into relaxation mode with another batch of magic videos that don’t require any of that “reading” stuff I’ve heard so much about. Well, I mean there is some reading involved. You’re reading this right now. But you don’t have to. You could just skip this introduction and move straight on to the videos. It’s not like that would hurt my feelings or anything.

London-based magician, Magical Bones, performs a few tricks for YouTube collective, The Sidemen, including his signature back flip card catch. Bones will be performing his new show, Black Magic, at the Underbelly Festival next week.     

I’ve been keeping an eye on young Irish magician, Joel M, for a while now, as he performs his way through various retail outlets and burger joints. In his latest video, which is once again infuriatingly shot in a vertical aspect ratio, he dons a bath robe and slippers for some comfy hotel magic.  

In this third episode of Mutant Powers, magician Kyle Marlett gives another unsuspecting victim off-brand superpowers. This time, it’s the power of telekinesis, and the ability to avoid getting pooped on by birds.

In this short and sweet vid, Ace Cunnings turns a Bicycle Blue into a Bicycle Red. It’s a shame he couldn’t turn it into a card from a decent deck.

Magician and photographer, Alex Pandrea, takes a short break from teaching us how to shoot good card photos (and exploring an idyllic island paradise) to deliver a useful tutorial for a trick that’s both impressive and nearly self-working. 

And there we have it, folks. A few videos, a lot of magic, and a little homework for the weekend. Enjoy.  

Chris Ramsay has a new video up, but the real star of the show is Alex Pandrea, who drops by to pinch hit with a tutorial. It’s an original riff on the card to pocket idea. Pandrea walks you through how to make a chosen card seem to vanish from the deck then reappear pretty much anyplace else. His version doesn’t take any purchased gimmicks or even any sleight of hand. All you need is a sharpie. It’s pretty darn clever.

Want to see a magic trick? Head to YouTube. Want to learn a magic trick? Head to YouTube. There’s a wealth of educational channels out there for magicians wanting to add new moves to their arsenals. Today we have a double dose of tutorials from a skilled pair of performers. Alex Pandrea and Patrick Kun recently collaborated on a playing card deck called Green Visa, and each guested on the other’s channel to show off the product.

Above, learn a sandwich effect from Patrick Kun. Below, Alex Pandrea showed off an effect for appearing to swap the location of the four aces between his hand and the card box.

Want to see and hear more from these two? Alex Pandrea was a recent guest on the Discourse in Magic podcast. Patrick Kun also did a slick performance on The Amazing Magicians for Chinese TV.

After you watch some old Magic Castle performances, perhaps your lazy Sunday could use a little audio treat. If so, check out the latest episode of Discourse in Magic. Jonah and Tyler are joined by special guest Alex Pandrea of Blue Crown Magic. 

Pandrea is the epitome of a self-made artist. He’s taught himself many of the skills that have helped build his career, from designing playing cards before other companies were doing it to teaching himself Final Cut Pro to get the most professional-looking videos he could. He shares his insights about both the pros and cons of working on the Internet, becoming a teaching and lecturer, and taking time with each phase of both life and work.

Listen to the episode on the Discourse in Magic website, on Apple Podcasts, on Android, or on your RSS feed.