Yesterday, Citizens of the United States of America celebrated the most important holiday in their calendar: The anniversary of the release of Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi epic, Independence Day. 

There is also, I understand, some kind of smaller, less significant celebration of some minor event in the nation’s history? Something to do with tea. And lobsters play a role somehow? I’m not sure, it was never covered in history class here in England. 

Still, a number of magicians took to social media to celebrate the 4th of July with charming, ‘MERICA-themed magic tricks. Enjoy:

The very talented Blake Vogt puts blue and red Bicycles to good use.

The flag theme continues with Magic Evan’s cute floating colors trick. 

Kyle and Mistie Knight put a lot more effort into their Bicycle flag, but forgot to do a trick. Still, nice effort. 

Jen Kramer donned a patriotic hat for a patriotic card pop. 

Do not be deceived. Murray Sawchuck is a canadian. They walk among us undetected. 

This riff on a popular not-quite-magic trick that’s doing the rounds on social media goes wrong in such a perfect way it’s almost political satire.

And while this isn’t technically magic, I think a kid freaking out while dual-wielding fireworks is about as close to the spirit of the holiday as you’ll ever get.

Everyone here at Genii Online hopes you had a wonderful Independence Day day.