VIEWS’ optical illusion back design is eye-catching beyond belief, but it’s not the only thing this slick, entirely custom deck has to offer. 

Both the courts and the pips are sleek and visually flat, a pleasant contrast to the illusory lumps and bumps of the white and mint backs. The deck is printed on crushed Bee stock and, according the lucky gremlins over at Kardify who’ve gotten their sticky mitts on a sample, handle perfectly. 

Just released on is Views Playing Cards! This trailer for Views was made by @PaulRobaia, and it features Dan Buck (@danielmbuck) and Paul Robaia. Produced by @gotmagic, these cards are a one of a kind. The back design features a beautiful mint undertone offset underneath a series of white dots; the design creates the feeling of looking at an illusion. The face cards are entirely custom, and the court cards, in particular, are modernized and feature a stunning mint and metallic gold color (in addition to red and black). The box has been gorgeously crafted on a vintage Heidelberg Press. It features 3 foils including gold, white, and green on premium, Plike paper. Available on now. If you want your photo to be featured on our page, tag it @artofplay. #artofplay #cardistry #playingcards #bestcardistalive #magic

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The tuck is crafted out of synthetic soft-touch paper and decked in hot-stamped white and mint foil.

A deck of VIEWS will cost you US$14.97 at Got Magic? or $15.00 at Art of Play. So it really comes down to which company has better shipping to your place.

I’m not going to overload this post with a bunch of cartoony Irish colloquialisms, so I’m just going to cut right to the chase: Art of Play’s Lucky Draw deck of playing cards, which already looks swank in its original red edition, is celebrating Saint Patrick’s day with a limited run of a special green variant.

Printed on premium crushed stock and designed in conjunction with Sideshow Press, the Lucky Draw deck features an elegantly minimalist yet familiar design, and are packaged inside a letterpress-printed tuck case. The green coloring mixes well with the standard design, and makes it a festive addition to your collection without being as obvious as the generic shamrock-emblazoned decks you might find at your local drug store.

You can pick up a deck for yourself at Art of Play for $15 at the link here. They’re available now, but will start shipping out on March 9. If you’re interested in snagging one, act fast: they’re only available until March 17 or when stocks run out, whichever comes first.

UPDATE (2/9/2018): Welp, hope you got your order in because these cards are officially all sold out. 

Original story: 

Richard Valentine Pitchford, aka The Great Cardini, is a legend of close-up magic and sleight of hand. Now, you can own a part of his legacy with this limited edition reprint of his iconic “Peau Doux” playing cards, available exclusively through Art of Play and created in conjunction with Potter & Potter and Pitchford Entertainment.

According to Kardify (who got a first look at these beauties), these cards are inspired by the same playing cards Cardini picked up from a Walgreens drug store in 1934 to use for his act. Original complete packs can easily go for around $700, so this is an opportunity to celebrate the life and work of one of the masters without breaking the bank.

A single deck costs $15, and includes a vintage-inspired tuck box, custom tax stamp, as well as specially designed ace of spades and joker cards, the latter of which features a silhouette of Cardini himself. The cards themselves are printed by the United States Playing Card Company on Art of Play’s proprietary crushed stock.

If you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself, you better act fast; Art of Play is only making 2,500 of these, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Snag one for yourself here, and if you use the promo code KARDINI at checkout, you can save 10% off the $15 purchase price.

Full disclosure: GeniiOnline owner Randy Pitchford is also the owner of Pitchford Entertainment.

Lamps are boring. I mean, the science of electricity is so impressive as to be inherently magical, but most lamps lack that certain pizzazz that fans of magic like us crave. If you want the book-reading light in your house to be more whimsical, then you should take a look at Flyte.

Using the power of magnetic induction, Flyte causes a single LED light-bulb to hover and spin in the air, as if by magic. You can pass flat objects underneath the bulb, and Flyte will continue to stay in the air and keep your room lit for you. Each LED bulb is 60 lumens bright and lasts for 50,000 hours of use, so it’s as practical as it is impressive.

Flyte is now available from Art of Play for $349, and comes in three colors – gold, chrome, and copper. Pick one up to add some illusion to your home decor, or check out for more info.

One of the really great things about puzzles is that different kinds appeal to different minds. What’s unsolvable to you is child’s play to your sister, and vice versa. Art of Play’s most popular puzzles of 2017 run the gamut of the seemingly simple to the covertly complex, and offer the kind of variety that ensures you’ll be able to solve at least one of them – but can you solve all of them? Let’s go through the list. 

5. Red Goose

“Help the goose escape the noose!” Who the heck is stringing up a goose, is what I’d like to know. The object here is simple: slip the cord off the poor bird’s neck without untying the knot. 

Buy Red Goose ($12)

4. Half H

Arrange seven pieces of wood to form a capital H. Simple. A child could do it. Oh, I seem to have this extra piece here. Let me just….oh. Hmm.

Buy Half H ($14)

3. Dice Puzzle Box

According to its creator, Akio Kamei, this walnut masterpiece can’t be opened “if you don’t enjoy humor.” Perhaps that means a rubber chicken awaits you when you finally open it. If you consider that challenge accepted, you may want to snag this box straightaway, as it’s available in limited quantities.

Buy Dice Puzzle Box ($155)

2. Ring and Spring 

I am giving this one some serious side-eye. It looks way too simple: just get the ring off the spring and back on again. Art of Play describes it as “a great demonstration puzzle with a satisfying solution.” Assuming you can find the solution, that is.

Buy Ring and Spring ($14)


This small and elegant puzzle tops Art of Play’s list of most popular puzzles of last year, and it’s easy to see why. An intriguing design, very reasonable price point, and description that’s one big taunt: “Be forewarned, this is one of the most challenging mechanical puzzles in our collection and this compass does not come with directions. Solving it will take patience and creativity.”

Buy NEWS ($14)

There you have it. For a little over $200, you can treat your brain to an intense workout. Are you up to it? 

Look, we’re not condoning procrastination, but sometimes waiting until the last minute has its benefits. Like this sale from Art of Play, which will give you 15% off everything in the store. 

For playing card lovers, pick up the Ultimate Deck, a wholly unique pack of cards featured in our gift guide. Or snag a DKNG Gaming set for amusements at home or on the go, or check out the DIY Zoetrope Kit to unlock someone’s creativity. 

There are loads of great gifts still available, and you can get 15% off everything using the offer code MERRYCHRISTMAS. Pick priority shipping to get your order under the tree in time for Christmas. Order fast, because this deal only lasts until midnight tonight.

If you’re like us, you’re probably up to your eyeballs in playing cards already. But ask yourself this question: do you have any playing cards with adorable fat penguins fishing for fish-like spades with candy cane bait on them? If not, this deck from Art of Play is just for you.

Featuring 52 pieces of original art from Natalia Silvia, the Christmas Deck adds a whimsical holiday touch to your close-up routines or pick-up poker games. It’s printed by the US Playing Card Company, it’s a limited edition, and it’s only $10. You know you want it, and you can snag it from Art of Play.

Welcome to GeniiOnline’s Weekly Puzzle, powered by Art of Play! We’ll bring you a new puzzle every Monday, then publish the solution on Tuesday.

Your task this week is to recreate the diagram below with any eight playing cards. It can be done!

Looks like Christmas is coming early for magic fans. Art of Play is doing a festive promotion for the holiday season. Think of it as advent with a twist of the digital and deception. Beginning on December 1, the purveyors of cards, puzzles, and other amusements will send out a daily email newsletter with information about goodies such as limited edition items, free giveaways, and other exclusive promotions.

You can sign up for the 25 Days of Christmas holiday newsletter here. Or, for an idea of what Art of Play is all about, test your wits against one of GeniiOnline’s Monday puzzles.

Welcome to GeniiOnline’s Weekly Puzzle, powered by Art of Play! We’ll bring you a new puzzle every Monday, then publish the solution on Tuesday.

In case you missed the puzzle yesterday, here it is again: 


The best deal is A because the area of one 16″ pizza is equal to 1.3x a 14″ pizza, 2.6x a 10″ pizza and four whole 8″ pizzas.

Come back next Monday for a new puzzle! And if you missed last week’s brainteaser, check it out here.