Ever since we spotted the Sacred Riana’s tryouts from Asia’s Got Talent on YouTube, we’ve been following her rise through the finals, along with magic acts from Sobhi Shaker and Akira Kimura. In the video above, she’s finally been crowned winner of season two after weeks of performances, and even in victory, she’s as stone-faced and hauntingly unresponsive as ever. 

As a bonus, check out her spooky performance from the results show, where she summons spirits to move a giant table around the stage and then predicts one of the hosts’ biggest fears with a Ouija board.

We’ve been following the results of this season’s Asia’s Got Talent pretty closely here because not one, but two magicians have made it into the Grand Finals: Syrian close-up magician Sobhi Shaker and Indonesian horror illusionist the Sacred Riana. While we wait for the results to come on the season finale on December 14, Asia’s Got Talent’s YouTube page has hosted a few behind the scenes videos for each of the contestants, which you can watch in the videos below.

First up is Sobhi Shaker, who talks about his surprise in making it past the tryout phase of the show, and where he hopes to take his career if he wins:

Next is the Sacred Riana, who continues her unwavering commitment to the bit:

Both illusionists face stiff competition this year from beatboxer Neil Rey Garcia Llanes, dance troupes ADEM Dance Crew and Urban Crew, digital dancer Canion Shijirbat, and kid guitarist Feng E. However, The Sacred Riana’s behind the scenes video is currently sitting at over 200,000 views and rapidly climbing, while the other performers hover around 2,000, if you want to get a sense of who the clear favorite of the show is. Stay tuned as we find out who wins in a couple days.

It’s been a great year for magicians in this season of Asia’s Got Talent, and two illusionists have both wowed the the judges and won enough votes to progress onto the Grand Finals. 

First up is The Sacred Riana, who has been spooking the hell out of everyone with her horror-tinged illusions. Now, you’ve probably seen a vanishing/reappearing act before, but you’ve probably never seen one with dozens of zombies pouring out of a box:

Next is Syrian close-up magician Sobhi Shaker, who uses his card magic to tell a heartfelt story about overcoming adversity to follow your dreams:

They’re both facing off against Canion Shijirbat’s impressive dance skills, who even whips out a little bit of magic of his own: 

Whoever ends up taking home the grand prize, both magicians will likely have a long career ahead of them thanks to their impressive performances. 

Asia’s Got Talent has been showcasing skilled performers from all walks of entertainment, but this season has had a triple dose of magic. Three magicians made the show’s semi-finals, and at least one of them will be moving on to the final round.

First up, here’s The Sacred Riana. The Indonesian magician caught our attention earlier in the season for her unique stage persona, channelling the familiar “creepy long-haired girl” trope from horror movies. It’s a really clever concept, especially given how often magicians of old would claim spooky or supernatural powers. Her approach did enough to impress the viewers, and she’ll be appearing in the Grand Final.

Akira Kimura was the second semi-final magician, and he’s the polar opposite of the Sacred Riana. His routine is equal parts magic and comedy, where he appears to be performing a clever sleight of hand, but then promptly reveals the trick prop. It’s a chipper and colorful performance.

Syrian close-up magician Sobhi Shaker also appeared in the semi-finals, and wowed the judges with a routine that combined card tricks with an anti-war message. See what the judges called “the best performance [they’d] seen all night” in the video below.

Before Sobhi Shaker escaped to Malaysia, he spent his nightly curfews in Syria playing card games and teaching himself tricks from videos he found on the internet. Now he wants to make a name for himself and his country, and has arrived on Asia’s Got Talent to prove himself. To do so, he brought along a deck of cards and a bag of rubber balloons. Check out the video above to see how he did.

The “creepy girl with long hair” is a worn out trope of Asian horror flicks by this point, often found murdering hapless victims in films like Ringu and The Grudge. The Sacred Riana, an illusionist who hails from Indonesia, asks an important question: what if she also did spooky card tricks? 

In a recent performance on Asia’s Got Talent, The Sacred Riana stalks out onto the stage clutching a dilapidated stuffed animal, twitches a bit, then proceeds to freak the hell out of the show’s three hosts with magic tricks. The tricks themselves are fun standards, but what sells her performance is her unwavering commitment to the bit. During the entire five minute video, she says a grand total of three words, and stays in character even when the hosts are cracking jokes or voting on whether she’ll make it to the next round. Take a few minutes to watch the video embedded above for a hilariously sinister performance, and follow her on Instagram to see more.