Keith Abson spent his life obsessed with magic, performing  throughout Australia and collecting a variety of posters, books, flyers and more, which he kept in an ever-growing scrapbook – and now that collection is up for auction at Lawson’s.

The collection features a variety of curios from the golden age of magic, including old issues of Tops Magazine, a ton of books written by Professor Hoffman, and a few dozen different scrapbooks filled with magic history, trick instruction, and other ephemera, compiled and annotated by Abson himself.

Online pre-bidding is still open on the Lawson Auction website, but you’ll have to be at the auction house in New South Wales, Australia to bid in person on Friday, May 25. 

As some of the sauciest grande dames of show biz once sang, “you’ve gotta get a gimmick.” The Naked Magicians have certainly got themselves an eyeful of a gimmick. The Australian duo is spending the next few months on tour around their home country, delighting audiences with their good looks and slick tricks.

Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne were friends before teaming up for the partner act. They told Mandurah Coastal Times that the idea came in 2014 after a few rowdy audience members encouraged them to make their clothing disappear.

“It’s kind of crazy because magic is the second-oldest profession and we could not believe that no one had combined the two things everyone loves – magic and nudity,” Wayne said.

Beyond their rippling muscles, both performers really do have honed chops in magic. Wayne’s credits include being the first Australian magician to have his own TV series while Tyler has clocked performances around the world.

Unsurprisingly, their shows do include adult language, sexual references, and “some nudity.” Damn straight. 

Shin Lim has been busy lately; he just released his Regalia deck, performed for New Zealand audiences, and updated 52 Shades of Red to version three. Right now, he’s in Sydney and has been filming a bunch of the magic he’s seen. You can check it out in this newly uploaded video, along with a compilation of tricks from his recent Instagram posts.