The SF Magic Hour – 75 minutes of mind blowing magic with a different set of performers each month.

Oh, of course. It does take place in San Francisco, right? The one with all the hills?

Before I go into detail about the show, I just have to address the fact that this place is called PianoFight and its logo is a bear with wings and a unicorn horn. That is the kind of detail that deserves mentioning in any news piece regarding this establishment.

Okay, so the show itself. The San Francisco Magic Hour is a new show that brings in an entirely new set of magicians each and every month. The first show starts at 8:00pm on Monday, May 14th, and will feature the magical talents of Michael FeldmanRyan Kane, Brad Barton, and David Gerard.

Tickets are available now and cost $20 online or $25 at the door.