Have you ever woke in the dead of night, soaked in sweat, and haunted by the terrible realisation that you’ve forgotten something important? Me neither. In other news, here’s the announcement that FISM 2018 is now well and truly underway. 

And has been underway for a bit.

For about nine hours now. 

Fortunately, the competition heats don’t start until tomorrow. The first day of the event is reserved for some lectures, a couple of one man shows, a lengthy opening ceremony, and giving magicians who got a little too celebratory with old friends over the weekend time to recover before they have to go on stage. There’s also been surprisingly little social media activity from English-speaking attendees, either because the event is amazing and they’re rushed off their feet, or because they’re stuck to a toilet bowl. Regardless, we’ll be keeping you updated on every little scrap of info we can glean from the event, including any videos that might surface. 

Potential points of interest from today include lectures from Richard, Turner, Boris Wild, and Flip, as well as a couple of one man shows courtesy of Shoot Ogawa Simon Coronel and the amazing Juan Tamariz. 

Back in March, we reported on two live shows held to raise money for Alan Fisher’s trip to the FISM World Championship of Magic in Busan, South Korea. Fisher had already earned his spot at the competition, but needed a little help rustling up the cash for travel costs. I recently followed up with Fisher, and I’m glad to announce that the shows made enough money to send him and his box of tricks to Busan. He currently plans to arrive a few days before the competition’s July 9th start date so he can catch up with some old friends, many of which he’ll likely end up competing against. 

He also plans to write a blog about his experiences at the competition. 

Personally, I’m glad Fisher made it into the competition, both because he’s a genuinely nice bloke and a skilled magician, but also because his old-timey prestidigitator act and jolly, Colonel Sanders look will be a breath of fresh air amidst all the sharply dressed, 2-cool-4-u card manipulators that insist every routine feature a Hans Zimmer track. In preparation for the competition, FISM organisers had Fisher put together a new promo vid, which you can see below. 

Everyone here at GeniiOnline wishes Fisher the best of luck in the competition.   


Every three years, the greatest magicians from all over the world gather to show off their skills and compete at FISM. The prestigious convention plays host to the “World Championship of Magic,” where illusionists from a variety of genres attempt to win the coveted Grand Prix. This year, FISM 2018 will take place in Busan, South Korea, and the organization has released a trailer promising six days of some of the most mind-blowing magic you’ll ever see.

FISM 2018 will take place between July 9 and July 14 2018 at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (also known as BEXCO), and will feature lectures, workshops, one-man shows, a dealer’s hall, and gala shows, in addition to the big competition. 

Registration for the upcoming competition is still open and available for $700 USD per standard ticket. Dealer and sponsor tickets are still available as well. Visit FISM 2018’s official page for more information. 

Specifics on the contents of the hosted lectures and performances are still sparse, but stay tuned to GeniiOnline as more details trickle in from the rapidly-approaching convention.