Ricky Jay was a world-famous expert magician and card handler. This early appearance on the Canadian show Magic Palace has been little seen … until now.


Paul Gordon has toured the world providing lectures on close-up card magic, and in January, you’ll have a chance to learn a variety of tricks from him in the Killer Card Workers course, an online seminar hosted by Alakazam Magic UK.

The seminar will take place on January 24, 2018 as part of the Alakazam Academy, a series of online lectures and training sessions put on by Alakazam Magic UK. The current syllabus offers an opportunity to learn fourteen different card tricks, as well as an opportunity for Q&A with Gordon himself (though the site does mention that the live nature of the program can mean the syllabus is subject to change).

Registration for the course is normally £24.99, but the first fifty registrants will be granted entry at a reduced price of £19.99. The course will not be made available to purchase after the seminar is over, but those who register will be able to watch or download it from their account at their leisure—so if you’re interested in viewing but aren’t able to make it to the livestream, make sure you register before the event.

For more details and information on the course, visit Alakazam Magic UK.

Muscle memory is a powerful tool. How powerful? It’s strong enough that a practiced performer can still execute the exact same routine years later, and it will almost be second nature.

It’s not like An Ha Lim, a master card manipulator from South Korea, hasn’t been practicing. But his iconic routine is still just as dazzling today as it was when it won him the Stage Competition at the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magicians Combined Convention in 2008.

Don’t believe it? Here he is performing at Le Plus Cabaret du Monde in 2009.

And here he is now, still putting on a clinic as part of the Impossivel TV show. 

The moves are still slick and the grin to the audience is still a charmer.