Three talented kids, one big city to explore. That’s the premise of The Thrillusionists, a charming web series from CBC Kids, the children’s portion of the Canadian broadcaster CBC Television. It’s a set of ten episodes, each about five minutes long, featuring three young illusionists performing in unique and unusual situations around Toronto.

In one episode, they do some classic card magic for fellow youngsters in a pizza parlor. In another, they entertain journalists at a CBC newsroom. The three performers are very sweet and are impressively composed doing both their tricks and their on-camera monologues. So if there’s a young person in your life who really likes magic, set them up to watch the whole series on YouTube. CBC Kids recommends The Thrillusionists for ages 6 and up.

We love a good magic documentary, especially having grown up watching shows like Nova’s Secrets of the Psychics with James Randi. The CBC’s science, wildlife, and technology show The Nature of Things is going to air a special on Sunday, March 18 called The Science of Magic, and the lineup of included magicians sounds incredible.

According to Canada’s Magic, the show will feature performances by and interviews with the likes of Julie Eng, Ronald Rensink, Jay Olson, Gustav Kuhn, Anthony Barnhart, Amory Danek, Matthew Tompkins, Thomas Strandberg, Billy Kidd, Tom Stone, Thomas Fraps, Pit Hartling, and Juan Tamariz. The show will be hosted by executive director of Magicana, Julienne Eng. 

For those of you living in Canada unable to catch the televised broadcast, the CBC will host the video on its website for streaming a few days earlier on Friday, March 16 at 5:00pm EST. No word yet on when the documentary will be available to view in other countries, but the press release in the report above mentions that this is the “world broadcast premiere”, so hopefully the rest of the world will get a chance to check it out soon.