The tireless scholars over at Magicana have managed to add more than 18 hours of footage from Spanish magic and variety show, Chan-tatachán, to their screening room. The footage has already been chopped up and archived, so you can search through it by performer or trick. As you might expect from the title, the show is delivered almost entirely in Spanish, though many of the tricks are silent, or work without verbal cues. As Magicana’s artistic director, David Ben, explains:

Even if, like me, your Spanish is inexistente there is still much to enjoy here. Great performances simply transcend the barrier that can be language. Twenty-five years on, Magicana is pleased to give this material the opportunity to astonish, entertain and inspire a whole new audience.

Chan-tatachán aired in Spain from 1992 through to 1993, and featured the talents of legendary magician, Juan Tamariz-Martel Negrón, better known as Juan Tamariz. A jovial but impeccably skilled card manipulator, Tamariz’s work in close-up magic is a major influence in the history of close-up magic, and his numerous texts on the subject are considered foundational by many. Alongside co-hosts Pedro Reyes and María Olvido Gara, better known as Alaska, Tamariz would perform tricks for celebrity guests, discuss magic, and introduce guest acts.

Luis Piedrahita and Tamariz himself supplied the footage of the show. 

As a bonus, while the show aired in the early 90’s, it looks like it was still deep in that 80’s hangover when the show was shot. There is some amazing fashion in these clips, folks.