“It comes as no surprise that members of the public might not want to stick around for a chat with Brown, who has spent over two decades blowing our minds with his captivating specials and live shows. From guessing people’s professions by just looking at them in 2000’s Mind Control, to convincing a man he’s woken up to a zombie invasion in 2012’s Apocalypse, Brown is the face of mentalism in the UK – but now he’s dipping back into the world of philosophy for his latest podcast: Derren Brown’s Bootcamp For Life.

“The eight-part Audible series follows Brown as he examines human emotion and with the help of experts, looks at how to take control of our thoughts. ‘I read a book called Happy a few years ago about stoicism, which struck me as a very helpful, sensible way of avoiding unnecessary anxiety and disturbance in life and it really chimed with how I am in my sort of personality,’ he says.”

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Derren Brown discusses his work as a “psychological illusionist” in this podcast:

Derren Brown's Boot Camp for Life