Posted on Facebook by the police in the city of Seguin, Texas, it appears that someone with sleight of hand skills is short changing cashiers at Walmarts around the United States. The poster takes a wry approach, though I don’t know if David Blaine would appreciate the call out. Here’s their post:

“Penn & Teller- watch out. Seguin has their very own magician on the rise.
On January 10 and February 12, Seguin’s next David Blaine made a stop at Walmart for a quick magic show. Sadly, only he knew about the performance.
The pictured magician quick changed employees of Walmart out of a total of $2700. Quick changing is when a suspect uses a slight of hand trick while counting out their change to pocket money. The suspect will count out the change showing the employee that he was short changed while he uses his other hand to pocket a portion of the money.
“Both a magician & a fashionista- this individual changed for his performance and is pictured during both incidents.
“If you recognize this individual or have any further information regarding this incident, please contact Det. Schramm at 830-379-2123 so he can book him… for his next magic performance, of course. 😉
“3/17 Update:
“It looks like our Walmart magician doesn’t keep his performance local.
“Our post caught nationwide attention. Due to the amount of shares & media coverage, law enforcement agencies from Georgia, Tennessee, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia contacted SPD regarding similar cases with our newly famous magician.
“Our magician keeps this performance the same across the country:
-Enters a retail store (such as Walmart) to make a wire transfer or return a high value item.
-When the cashier gives the cash to the suspect, he claims he was not given the proper change back.
-The suspect begins counting the change back, while palming the rest.
-While counting the change back, the suspect uses various distraction techniques on the cashier.
“Thanks to everyone who shared our post, we are working with multiple agencies on making an identification.
“This investigation is currently on going.
“For media inquiries, please contact Officer Wallace at 830-865-6409.
“For law enforcement inquiries, please contact Detective Schramm at 830-379-2123.

Belgian performer, Kevin Lapeire, better known as Clown Tobi, has been arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, identified only as Caroline D. Police believe he enlisted the help of fellow performer, Deitwin Haegman, known as Dietwin the Yodeller, to help carry out the murder.

Lapeire was taken into custody after an armed standoff in which the famous clown waved a firearm while live-streaming the four-hour encounter on Facebook. He eventually surrendered to the police. Haegeman was arrested shortly after.  

According to the police, Lapeire broke into Caroline’s house on Sunday 13th, Mothers Day in Belgium, and murdered her in front of her three children. He’d separated from the 47-year-old a few days earlier, apparently because he didn’t get along with her kids. On a grimly ironic note: Lapeire frequently performed in children’s hospitals as “Doctor Aspirin.”

“I’m no longer a clinic clown but a crimiclown. That’s how I’ll become famous,” he’s reported to have said to the children before murdering their mother.  

The sleepy suburb of Scarborough in Perth, Australia, has been rocked by the brazen theft of a large display plant from a local shopping center by a menacing clown. Unwilling to allow this criminal jester’s reign of botanical larceny to continue unabated, the local constabulary has called for anyone with knowledge of this clown prince of crime or his bearded accomplice to come forward. It’s unclear if a reward is being offered at this time. 

According to Sergeant Tony Clark of the Scarborough police force, CCTV tracked the nefarious harlequin as he somehow managed to infiltrate the Innaloo Shopping Centre, steal the plant, and escape on his bicycle unchallenged in just five minutes.    

“He has come on a bicycle and left it at the entrance to the shops before walking through, taking the pot plant and riding off,” he told the local press.

Should you spot this villainous punchinello, report the encounter to the police immediately, and do not, under any circumstances, smell his flower.  


On September 9th, 2016, 18-year-old Luke Byrne rammed a pint glass into the face of street magician, Mark Beltran, blinding him in one eye. Byrne and a gang of underage thugs assaulted Beltran after he prevented one of the teen’s underage associates from stealing his amplifier earlier in the day. Byrne received a nine-year sentence for the attack, as well as a further five years for robbing nine women at knife point over a two-year period. The last four-and-a-half years of the sentence were suspended. Byrne is now appealing the nine year sentence, arguing that it is too “severe.”

Talking to The Irish Sun from his home in the Philippines, Beltran pledged to oppose the appeal.

“If I have to go back to Ireland and remind the judges of the trauma I have endured, I will,” he said. “I had a feeling this would happen.”

“I will now hope and pray that he doesn’t get anything reduced from his sentence because this would just send out the wrong message,” he continued. “He left me with life-changing injuries so he deserved the sentence he received for the level of violence he used.”

“Nine years for what he did to me is OK at best, but five years and some suspended sentence isn’t enough for what he did to those women. I will fight this appeal to ensure that I and all the other ­victims he terrorised receive the justice they deserve.”

Despite his injury, Magic Mark Beltran is still blowing minds on streets all over the world. As you can see in the video below: