A dentist from New Jersey is likely the only dentist in the world that children actually want to see. A video of Dr. Eyal Simchi using some cute sleight-of-hand to amaze an equally cute young lad has gone viral after it was posted on social media. The video has been seen more than 25 million times on Facebook and Twitter, and has launched the professional tooth wrangler to internet stardom.

It turns out Simchi has been using his magical talents to put his patients at ease for a while now. There’s videos of him pulling coins from ears, turning medical gloves into balloons, and performing “stand-up dentistry,” which is funnier than it sounds.

“Truly a great way to build trust with your patients,” Simchi commented on one of the videos of his impromptu performances. “Little tricks can go a long way with a nervous or frightened child.”  

Simchi clearly has dentistry prowess equal to his sleight-of-hand . His practice has a perfect five star rating on Facebook.

One of the advantages of having divorced parents – aside from the traditional Christmas-time, who-is-the-best-parent competition that can prove very lucrative for savvy kids – is that you don’t have to buy them wedding anniversary gifts unless you’re feeling mean. But props to magician Manmeet Singh, who’s not only figured out how to wish his mum and dad a happy anniversary without spending a dime, but also managed to throw a little self promotion in there as well. 

It’s a cute trick with a heartfelt message at the end. It’s also a very good ad for Singh’s Facebook page, which features cool tricks and card deck reviews. Good stuff. That reminds me. Mother’s day is coming up and I need a way to promote my Twitter account. Hmmm.