Theory11 teased “something crazy” for last night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but I don’t think anyone expected something like the video embedded above. 

In the nine minute trick, Dan White plays a little game with Jimmy Fallon and Questlove, making the two of them reach into a box, feeling around for the object inside, and describing what they think it is. White then reveals the object to be something completely different, like a soup ladle or a ball of yarn. This continues until White places Questlove’s phone in the box. Things get weird from there.

You can see it in Questlove’s face at the end. He knows what’s coming but doesn’t want to believe it.

You can check out more of Dan White’s work, including information on upcoming shows, on his website,

It’s no secret that Jimmy Fallon loves magic, especially if the array of performers who continue to appear on his show is any indication. Be sure to tune in to The Tonight Show this evening as Theory11 has confirmed via Twitter that they’ll be appearing on Fallon’s talk show, along with illusionist Dan White with a routine that promises to be “something crazy”.

Dan White is practically a regular fixture of the show at this point, with tonight’s appearance marking his seventh on the show. You can check out his time traveling card trick in the video below.

Theory11 and Jimmy Fallon aren’t just fans of each other’s work—they’ve collaborated on a special, premium deck of cards inspired by The Tonight Show‘s legacy, which you can snag at Theory11’s online store for $9.95.  

In case you end up missing it, don’t worry. We’ll be sure to post the clip on GeniiOnline as soon as it goes live on YouTube.

Planning any big city adventures in 2018? If you’re thinking about doing it up fancy, Forbes has a few recommendations for where you can rest your head and also catch some great magic performances. The publication noted that magic’s black tie roots are getting a revival, with upscale hotels in several major metropolises now booking magicians for high-class shows.

Unsurprisingly, there are two Las Vegas gigs on the Forbes list. Magic Reinvented Nightly by America’s Got Talent winner Mat Franco and Masters of Illusion, a stage adaptation of the CW television show, are great options for bigger productions.

That said, Las Vegas is teeming with magic acts, and those are just two of many, many hotel shows. What about if you’re vacationing in Los Angeles, or planning a road trip to New York City? If you’ll be in the Big Apple, try to score tickets to Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic at Lotte New York Palace or Dan White’s The Magician at the swanky NoMad Hotel. Angelenos should also drop by the Four Seasons Beverley Wilshire for the Intimate Illusions of Ivan Amodei.

GeniiOnline readers, have you any further suggestions? Where would you direct a magic-seeking traveller dropping by your town?

CBS Sunday Morning talks magic in a modern setting with Jonathan Bayme  from Theory11.  “You can explain everything with Google, but magic is one of the few things that still survives,” says Bayme, talking about magic’s timeless appeal. Still, that’s not to say magic’s image couldn’t use a bit of a makeover. As Dan White puts it, “Magic has had a connotation for a long time of being kind of cheesy. And we just try to make it not cheesy in any way that’s possible.”

Ron Carnell also gives a mini tour of the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan sharing a tiny slice of insight into how Robert-Houdin took magic from being the business of witches to a theatrical production. The video wraps up with an appearance from Richard Turner and includes a few clips from Dealt, which is now available via video on demand services.