Put David Blaine in a room with some needles, a touch of glass, and a live audience, and it’s pretty clear where things are headed. Not to Late Late Show host, James Corden, apparently, who blithely admits he’d love to take part in a new trick. At least before Blaine pulls out the needle and thread.

There’s little left to say about Blaine’s performance – we’ve seen what he can do with a needle before, and he performed a similar trick at the Genii Convention last year – other than the fact I really love how he’s leaning into his his magical weirdo persona on this latest tour. I always found his earlier performances a bit too full of SERIOUS MENTALISM for my taste, but now that he’s willing to joke around with his own mystique, Blaine is quickly becoming one of my favorite performers. His comedic timing is superb as well, like the just-a-bit-too-long pause between “I heard that,” and, “you like glass,” right before he starts eating a large wine glass. 

Blaine was promoting his spring and summer tour, David Blaine Live, which you can see dates for here. 

When David Blaine says he’s only showing up to “try a few classics”, you should definitely take that with a grain of salt. And when he asks you if you want to see a card trick or needle-and-thread trick, know you’re going to get both. Such is the case when Blaine made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night, who proceeded to sew his mouth shut before fanning out a normal deck of cards for a trick, as you can watch in the video below.

(Content warning: If you don’t like needles or seeing needles poking through skin, you probably shouldn’t watch this video.)

We actually got to see this trick performed in front of us when Blaine appeared for an interview at the 2017 Genii Convention (though the audience was asked beforehand not to share the details of the trick on social media), and our faces were just as thunderstruck as the cast and crew of The Tonight Show.

So, uh, yeah. Oh, and stick around for the end, because Blaine can’t just end a routine with a “simple card trick” like this.

If you want to see more of that (you know you do), David Blaine’s 2018 North American tour kicks off on May 6 in San Diego, and currently has tour dates scheduled up until July 14. Get your tickets here

There’s not much I can add to this one, folks. Magic legend David Blaine will be appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon THIS EVENING. The show airs on NBC at 11:35pm/10:35pm central. 

Don’t worry if you miss the show or live outside of the US. Magician performances (like this one featuring Dan White) regularly make it to the show’s official YouTube Channel. We’ll keep an eye on it, just for you.

Blaine is out and about promoting his upcoming tour, David Blaine Live.