The third year of Fog City Magic Fest is going down in San Francisco this weekend. The Bay Area will be treated to several performances at the Exit Theater over January 25-28.

The highlighted performers are David Parr, Jade, and Andrew Evans. The event kicks off with an opening night gala hosted by Jay Alexander where several performers will get a chance to show off their tricks. Fog City also has a couple very unique shows. The final event is a showdown between two pairs of magicians. Both teams are given a few elements, then have 30 minutes to incorporate them into a brand new trick. Think Iron Chef, but for magic.

There will also be a special tribute event honoring Daryl, a renowned magician and member of the magic community. All proceeds from the Saturday afternoon show will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Check out the schedule and buy tickets for each of the events at the Fog City Magic Fest website

Everyone who fools Penn & Teller on their weekly CW magic show Fool Us wins the opportunity to appear in the duo’s regular Vegas show. David Parr was one such fooler, and GeniiOnline got a chance to follow him around backstage and chat before he performed his show-winning ‘follow the leader’ routine for Penn & Teller’s audience. We talked about how he practiced before the show, what happened to the trophy, and why Fool Us is a special treat for magicians and fans alike.

Stay tuned throughout the week for more videos from our trip to Vegas, including interviews with the hosts of Fool Us, Penn & Teller.

Inspiration can strike anywhere. For David Parr and the idea behind his prize-winning Fool Us routine, it all started with an antique desk bell he’d had lying around his house for years. In an interview with GeniiOnline, Parr describes how he then developed the trick around the bell and the method he’d use to pull it off, how it evolved through practice and performance, and whether anyone’s figured out how he’d done it. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our interview with David Parr, and find out the origins of Fool Us and what makes the show special in our chat with Penn & Teller.

David Parr created and refined his Follow the Leader trick while he was laid up for three months with a broken leg. It was clearly time well spent, given how completely he fooled Penn & Teller. (The bell is a particularly nice touch.) It’s a sublimely elegant bit of card manipulation that leaves us wondering how the hell did he do that? No, seriously, we need answers. HOW.