Magic has always been a special blend of art and science, and nobody understands that better than Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz. He’s both a professional magician and a faculty member at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and he blends those two passions into a show called The Rosenkranz Mysteries: Physician Magician.

“Saying we are healthy is sometimes a deception, and medicine is a performance art,” Rosenkranz told the Chicago Sun-Times. “That’s why this show is so different. I wanted to do a show that had meaning and I wanted to create a show for a thinking audience. I wanted to show that you could not only see magic before your very eyes, but also receive an uplifting message.”

A new production of his one-man show, following on the successful first year of the program in 2016, is about to kick off its run in Chicago. Northwestern alum Jessica Fisch is back again to direct. “This year’s show is like a version 2.0,” Fisch said. “It’s the deepening of an incredible idea.”

Much of the magic Rosenkranz does was inspired by his mentor, Eugene Burger, who passed away last year. Fisch said this second run is a chance to pay homage to his impact on Rosenkranz. Burger inspired many magicians with his PBS documentary The Art of Magic.

Chicago locals can see The Rosenkranz Mysteries: Physician Magician at the Royal George Theater from March 27 through May 6. Tickets and more information are available here. For a closer look, check out this trailer.