You know that funny feeling you get in your chest when you see a good magic trick? That little beat-skipping spark of joy that cuts through the crusty, build up of cynicism that’s slowly settled around your soul during the long, arduous years of adulthood? Well, that’s how I feel about a good margarita. 

And bad margaritas.

And actually just tequila in general, come to think of it.

But there is a certain kind of magic in good booze, which is why the cocktail masterclass offered by Harry Potter-inspired watering hole, The Cauldron, sounds like it’s right up my (Diagon) alley. The one-hour-and-45-minute course mixes booze with a splash of Harry Potter-inspired magic, letting punters “wield working magic wands and molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs.”

Tickets for the short semester of magical mixology cost £29.99 plus a small deposit for the magic wand, which they want back at the end of the lesson. Prospective students obviously have to be 18 or older.