Scam Stuff founder Brian Bushwood is very close to locking down the perfect location for his company’s new headquarters in Austin, TX, but he needs a little more cash to seal the deal – which is why he’s putting everything on his site at deep, Black Friday-esque discount for the next three days.

You can get the devious Outlaws Vault (pictured in above) for $104.07 (nearly $50 off the list price), a full set of the Brian Bushwood Book Test for $549.97 (55% off the list price, the lowest it’s ever been), or get yourself a snazzy lock-picking set for $7.77. 

Scam Stuff is still a small shop so there’s a good chance some of this gear will sell out before the long weekend is out, so if you see something you want, grab it now here while supplies last.

It’s been over a year since our favorite mustachioed magician, Steve Valentine, embraced the all-digital future with his excellent Magic on the Go magic tutorial streaming service, but he’s still got a whole bunch of DVDs and other products cluttering up his studio. Thus, he’s been holding a sale to clear out the last of his stock. 

A few standouts: His C2P (Cards 2 Pocket) DVD set, which includes 22 hours of material over a whopping seven discs, is down to $100 from $150. His well-received, three-disc Cloth set, which will teach you how to perform the classic “card thru hanky” trick, has been reduced from $50 to $30. Booked was on sale, but is now sadly out of stock. 

If you’re after something more tangible than a DVD, you can also pick up five decks of his limited edition VALENTINE playing cards for just $30. The decks are printed on Tally Ho stock by USPCC and come with a host of magician-friendly secrets. 

You can see everything that’s on sale here, but be quick, the sale ends on Sunday. 

MJM Magic is a simple site, so it’s fitting that its current sale is as straight forward as it gets. For the next three days and 18 hours (give or take an hour or two depending on how long it takes to edit this article), over 500 tricks, decks, and tools will be on sale for 50% off. MJM also offers free shipping within the USA for orders over $50, a cool reward point system, robust price match options and a daily draw for a $10 gift card for everyone who’s spent more than $25 on the site. 

The sale includes all kinds of magic paraphernalia, but the items currently in my gift basket are:

Monarchs are a solid entry-level “nice deck.” 

I’ve settled on Bicycle Blues for my cack-handed attempts at card magic because so many gimmicks and effects are designed with these cards in mind. 

Cheesy? Yes, but I need something to go with that sequin-covered waistcoat I bought on Amazon at 3am. 

You can see a list of everything that’s on sale here. 

Steve Valentine has been hard at work on his digital streaming magic instruction service Magic on the Go, a platform that puts tons of tricks and real instruction right at your fingertips, wherever you are. That said, he’s still got a bunch of physical DVDs and gaffs kicking around in his inventory, and he’d like some help making them disappear. 

Valentine’s just launched a flash sale on his website where you can save up to $50 on all of his material. You can grab a brick of five Valentine playing card decks for $30 (normally $50), the Tom Stone-endorsed Cloth DVD set for $30 (normally $50), or get C2P, a seven-DVD set of expert card magic instruction for only $100 (normally $150). 

All of this and more is available on Steve Valentine’s website until supplies last – as of this writing, his mind-reading magic trick Booked! is already out of stock, so if you see something you like, grab it while you can.

As always, you can subscribe to Magic on the Go for $29.99 a month, or $120 for a full year of streaming magic goodness.

David Blaine’s latest deck of cards, Stoics, hit the market today and word on the street is they’re great. One deck will cost you US$15, but for just 24 hours, you can pick up an entire brick (that’s 12 decks, for the uninitiated) for just $90. A quick bit of cutting-edge-journalism (elementary maths) tells me that’s a saving of $90 off the regular price of $180. Fifty percent, in fact.

The brick comes in a simple black box. Covered in art paper and stamped with silver foil, it’s a nice contrast against the stark white tuck boxes within. 

The cards themselves are largely understated and mostly standard save for the usual Blaine quirks we’ve come to expect – I’m not sure any other magician could get away with putting his own face on the King of Spades. The card are printed by the Expert Playing Card Company on JN Finish stock, which, according to the deck’s shop page, is the closest you’ll get to the feel of those insanely expensive Jerry’s Nugget decks. 

 You can get a deck or a brick of Stoics at the David Blaine Shop. 

Vanishing Inc. loves its deep discount events, and this week it’s taking up to 55% off a bunch of great tricks, trinkets, instructional videos and more. 

While you won’t get over half-off the price of the newly-released Magic On Tap DVD set, you can pick up the four-DVD box set of Dani DaOrtiz’s Reloaded lecture series for $67.50 (normally $150!). Or snag the Oil Over Troubled Water DVD and gimmick set for $18 (normally $40). Or pick up any one of over 30 varieties of playing card decks – like the limited edition Templar deck for $9 (normally $20).

There are 48 pages of items on sale, so there’s sure to be something for every kind of conjuror in there. Visit here for the full sale, and act fast, as you’ve only got a week to get what you want before it ends! 

If you’ve been eyeing that deck of Memento Mori cards and haven’t quite been able to pull the trigger, now might be the time to do it. Online magic retailer 52Kards just launched a 48-hour flash sale that’ll get you 20% off a handful of some of the store’s most popular goodies.

The sale page over at 52Kards lists 14 different items, offering a nice mix of beautiful decks perfect for cardistry,  like these Banshees for card throwing ($9.58, normally $11.97), or the elegant geometric lines of Tangram ($7.96, normally $9.95). Or fill out your repertoire with some new tricks or gimmicks, like Real Man’s Wallet, a fully-functional billfold that hides a few secrets of its own ($31.97, normally $39.97), or Cold Case, a deck switcher that comes with 10 original routines with over three hours of instruction ($31.96, normally $39.95)

If any these catch your fancy, make sure you act fast: this flash sale starts now and lasts until March 1 at 9am PST. 

Look, we’re not condoning procrastination, but sometimes waiting until the last minute has its benefits. Like this sale from Art of Play, which will give you 15% off everything in the store. 

For playing card lovers, pick up the Ultimate Deck, a wholly unique pack of cards featured in our gift guide. Or snag a DKNG Gaming set for amusements at home or on the go, or check out the DIY Zoetrope Kit to unlock someone’s creativity. 

There are loads of great gifts still available, and you can get 15% off everything using the offer code MERRYCHRISTMAS. Pick priority shipping to get your order under the tree in time for Christmas. Order fast, because this deal only lasts until midnight tonight.

The sales don’t stop as we roll into Cyber Monday, and Dan & Dave are closing out the long weekend with up to 30% off many of the fine products available in their store.

Get a pack of Vintage Plaid playing cards for $8 (down from $10), store them in a Stanley Clip for $24 (on sale from $30), and learn six hours of card tricks with The Trilogy, a three-DVD box set for $59.50 (normally $85).

There’s a variety of magic tricks and accessories on sale for the rest of the day, and purchases over $150 will automatically receive a signed and numbered deck of Dan & Dave’s gorgeous Private Reserve playing cards for free. Act fast though, because Monday won’t last forever.

If you’re looking for holiday gifts for the family, this week is the time to do it. Black Friday means tons of discounts, and Scam Stuff is getting in on the action early with a huge sale that’s starting right now.

Some of the highlights include 30% off the new Outlaws Vault puzzle box (normally $150, now available for $104.97), lockpick trainers for $89.97 (normally $119.99), and the Brian Bushwood Book Test (normally $1199.97 due to its extremely limited run, now slashed by 55% to $549.97).

There’s a bunch of other stuff on sale for all price ranges, including a Scam School book and DVD bundle for $19.97. The sale lasts until Sunday, November 26, so get to shopping.