VIEWS’ optical illusion back design is eye-catching beyond belief, but it’s not the only thing this slick, entirely custom deck has to offer. 

Both the courts and the pips are sleek and visually flat, a pleasant contrast to the illusory lumps and bumps of the white and mint backs. The deck is printed on crushed Bee stock and, according the lucky gremlins over at Kardify who’ve gotten their sticky mitts on a sample, handle perfectly. 

Just released on is Views Playing Cards! This trailer for Views was made by @PaulRobaia, and it features Dan Buck (@danielmbuck) and Paul Robaia. Produced by @gotmagic, these cards are a one of a kind. The back design features a beautiful mint undertone offset underneath a series of white dots; the design creates the feeling of looking at an illusion. The face cards are entirely custom, and the court cards, in particular, are modernized and feature a stunning mint and metallic gold color (in addition to red and black). The box has been gorgeously crafted on a vintage Heidelberg Press. It features 3 foils including gold, white, and green on premium, Plike paper. Available on now. If you want your photo to be featured on our page, tag it @artofplay. #artofplay #cardistry #playingcards #bestcardistalive #magic

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The tuck is crafted out of synthetic soft-touch paper and decked in hot-stamped white and mint foil.

A deck of VIEWS will cost you US$14.97 at Got Magic? or $15.00 at Art of Play. So it really comes down to which company has better shipping to your place.