The 2018 IBM Annual Convention is nearly upon us, folks. It’s time to make sure you’ve got your dates right before you make your way to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to attend. 

The convention will start on July 4th and run through to the 7th. Registration is still open. If you’re looking to take advantage of special hotel rates, you’ll need to be booked in by June 15th. 

This is the 90th IBM Annual Convention, and the Brotherhood is celebrating the big nine-oh with a huge array of magical education and entertainment. Included in the base ticket price are:

  • Thirteen lectures from notable magicians.
  • Three Evening Shows at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.
  • Seats for the close-up and stage magic competitions (registration is still open for both the adult and youth categories).
  • Over $20,000 in prizes, trophies and awards.
  • The Lance Burton Teen seminar for young magicians courtesy of Jeff McBride and Dr. Lawrence Hass.
  • A cabaret show.

The following shows and events cost extra, but they all sound like a good time:

Hell, I’d pay good money just for proof that The Amazing Johnathan is still alive, never mind capable of performing.

You’ll also find the following performers wandering the convention floor:

All that magical talent on display, plus a chance to meet/kidnap Steve Valentine. Sounds like a good time to me.