Officially, Homer Liwag is “an acclaimed visual designer, photographer, cinematographer, and artist. For two decades he has codirected David Copperfield’s live and television work, and collaborated as his Design Director.” Homer is also a magician and filmmaker, and he’s going to blow your mind.

Whether it’s the synth sounds of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” or the seemingly effortless ways Shin Lim and his friends defy the laws of physics, this is one smooth video. Shin’s put out a few compilation videos from his Instagram exploits, but this has to be his best one yet, combining some stellar sleight of hand and incredible cardistry. Bob your head to the video above, or get instant updates directly from his Instagram feed here

The sound of a freshly-shuffled deck of cards is already music to my ears, but Sean Oulashin does us one better by turning that hypnotic sound into a whole song. Not only is Sean a cardist and magician (whose work you can catch over on his Instagram page @notseano), but he also fancies himself as a music producer. Recently, he combined his two loves in a new hip hop single he calls The Sound of Cards II, which was recently brought to our attention thanks to a post from Art of Play:

Sean took the shuffling, slapping, and flicking sounds from manipulating a deck of cards, recorded them, then hooked them up to a sequencer where he turned them into a catchy new rhythm. I’m not going to lie, I’ve already listened to the sample video above at least a half-dozen times. That sound of shuffling cards is already intoxicating; throw in a synthesizer and some room-throbbing bass and I’m hooked.

If you want to support Sean and pick up the full track, you can download an mp3 over at his website Idlehands for $1. You can check out his Instagram page here. And you can follow Art of Play over on Instagram too, for more curated videos like the one above.