Looks like there was a half-off discount on haircuts at Showtime at the Apollo, because Jay Mattioli found himself in pieces during a performance of his salon routine on the second episode of the rebooted Fox show.

The episode featured a variety of talents, including seven-year-old rapper Yung Hunnid, singer Sarah Ikumu, and more alongside the 36-year-old magician. While Ikumu ultimately won the evening’s competition, the notoriously difficult crowd dug Mattioli’s electrifying performance enough to wave him on to the final judging round of the episode.

While his performance on Showtime at the Apollo hasn’t made it onto YouTube yet, you can watch a recording of his Hair Salon routine from a live recording made back in 2013 in the video below. You can also watch the full episode here on – his performance begins at around the 30 minute mark. We’ll update this post with the official clip of his routine from the show once it’s uploaded.

This actually isn’t the first time Mattioli has tried his hand at the variety show circuit. Back in 2009, he actually made it onto season 4 of America’s Got Talent, climbing all the way to the Las Vegas semi-finals before being eliminated. You can check out his performance from that show in the video below.  

To see more of Mattioli’s work, and for more information on upcoming gigs, check out his website here.