It’s not every day you see an opportunity for a paid internship in the 21st century, but Champions of Magic is currently seeking a young magician to help out backstage for a few months on its upcoming US tour. 

The British magic show is finishing up its UK tour in May 2018, and will be heading across the pond to the US in June, slated to kick off in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and running through January 2019. The production is currently looking for a “young up-and-coming magician” to help both on- and off-stage, build and strike the set, and even perform a little magic at the merch booth. 

It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to dive into showbiz with some real, hands-on work for a prestigious magic tour alongside the likes of Young & Strange, Alex McAleer, Kayla Drescher, and Fernando Velasco. 

If you want to get your foot in the door (and you’re able to meet the necessary requirements), then check out the details provided by Champions of Magic below on how you can apply for the gig:

The touring production Champions Of Magic is seeking a young up-and-coming magician to join the production team for the US tour from June 2018 to January 2019.

Key elements of the role are –

· Demonstrating magic on the merchandise stand and managing sales

· Setting illusions and tricks backstage

· Assisting the performers onstage

· Working with the production team on the build and strike in each venue

You must be willing to travel (including over the holidays), be 18+ and have some performance experience (close-up or stage is acceptable).

Interested applicants should email a short resume and a video of a patter based trick performed to camera or an audience to Appropriate applicants will receive further information including contract details and salary.

And if you want to know what life on the road with Champions of Magic is like, you can watch McAleer’s recent vlog.  

Correction: This article previously reported that interns would be working with Edward Hilsum, who is no longer part of the tour. We have updated the article with the correct participants.

That headline sounds like a setup for an amazing April Fool’s joke, but no, seriously. As we reported late last year, Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and the Slaight Family Foundation have put up a smooth four million Canadian dollars to establish the Allan Slaight Chair for the Study of the Conjuring Arts. 

Applications are now open.   

“As a society, it’s imperative that we understand when we are being deceived,” explained the University’s Interim President, Alastair Summerlee, via the National Post. “It’s also important to remember that magicians are among some of history’s greatest performers and influencers.”  

“Whether it’s fake news or whether it’s politicians convincing people,” he continued, the program will integrate magic and psychologists to help students with “understanding something about the illusion that they created, how do they work?”  

Whoever lands the job will end up working with students on a number of topics, including the history of magic, the nature of perception and the human psyche’s vulnerability to deceit. They’d also have to manage the University’s growing collection of magic-related literature and artifacts. Most notably; a copy of Miracle Mongers and Their Methods, signed by Harry Houdini himself.  

Want to apply? Well, competition is already thick on the ground. The university’s Faculty of Arts and Social Science has already received applications from roughly eighty applicants from a variety of backgrounds. The successful applicant is expected to be announced this summer. 

The position is named after Slaight Foundation founder, Allan Slaight, who was a professional magician in his youth before he entered the world of broadcasting.  He still writes books on magic, contributes tricks to magic magazines and hosts the the annual magic conference, 31 Faces North. 


Illusionist, comedian, three-time comedy magician of the year winner, and back flip enthusiast Reggie Rice is looking for female assistants in the Hollywood, MD area to perform in shows on March 24th and May 24th,

Specifically, he’s looking for women that are over 18-years-old, bubbly, outgoing, between 5’0 and 5’9, between 100 and 150 pounds and are comfortable playing a character in his eclectic stage shows which include traditional magic, stage gags, stand-up, offbeat cosplay and – and I cannot emphasize this enough – back flips.

Previous dance experience is a plus (and pay will scale based on experience as well as stage presence), but Rice stresses he’s looking for outgoing, entertaining performers that can connect with his audiences. Performers are expected to attend several unpaid practice sessions and will be paid after the show.

If you’re interested, you can call Rice at 240-298-6077 or 202-505-4FUN, or you can email him at