Illusionist, Justin Flom, best known for his long-running YouTube-vid-turned-TV-show, Wizard Wars, was on Nashville’s News Channel 5 yesterday promoting his live show, The Standard of Magic. And how better to do that than to start flossing your own windpipe with a pair of headphones?. Even though the effect is kind of obvious in the cold light of day, it’s still grossing me right out. 

Flom also appeared on Today in Nashville last week, though he decided to avoid the Hellraiser stuff and stick to card tricks and sleight-of-hand. 

Flom has been performing The Standard of Magic, making TV appearances, and playing a few private events in Nashville for a week or so now. He plans to continue doing so until July 5th, after which he’ll be returning to his traditional stomping ground of Las Vegas. 

For a list of venues and dates, click here. 

It must be exhausting to be related to a magician—they’re always trying to saw you in half while you’re taking a nap. Like magician Justin Flom in the above video, who takes his precious sleeping baby girl and “saws” her in half with two books. She even wakes up mid-trick, probably wondering what the heck is going on. Get used to it, kid—you’re going to be at high school graduation and your dad will pull your diploma out of your mortarboard, guaranteed.

Justin Flom turns a simple deck of cards into something worth seeing this Veterans’ Day.

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