Most of us would prefer to burn any and all evidence of our awkward childhoods, but Justin Willman is an exception. Maybe that’s because he was burning it up on stage both literally and figuratively. Willman tweeted this clip of his younger self doing a rendition of the dove act by the legend himself, Lance Burton. What better way to learn than to hone your skills copying one of the greats?

That headline kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Here’s the tweet. 

Because I can’t send you, my precious readers, off into the arms of some dude on twitter without doing at least a modicum of research, I did some journalism on this Justin Willman guy. Turns out he’s a pretty big deal. He’s appeared on a whole bunch of shows, hosted Cupcake Wars, has a ton of magic tours under his belt and is starring in his own magic reality series on Netflix sometime this year.  He even has his own Wikipedia page, a sure sign of big-deal-ness. So, I can say that, on balance, this probably isn’t an elaborate kidnapping plot, but if it is, points for effort, man.   

Netflix is making a bigger push into reality television through its streaming service, and according to Deadline, it will finally expand its original content into the realm of magic in a new series featuring magician and comedian Justin Willman.

Willman, who has just recently come off his national Fake Believe Tour and a Comedy Central special called Sleight of Mouth, will host a six-episode series to arrive on the streaming network sometime in 2018. According to the report, the currently-unnamed show will feature Willman as he travels across the country, performing magic for the “strange and misunderstood subcultures of America.”

Netflix has dabbled in providing magic acts, routines, and other magician-related documentaries on its streaming service, with programs like Breaking the Magician’s Code or The Magic of Houdini, but Justin Willman’s show will be the first original Netflix program about magic.

There’s not really a lot to go on here other than that, but Willman’s prior work involves viral videos (like the one below explaining the ridiculousness of transgender discrimination through peanut butter and jelly), and his prior appearances on Ellen and Conan O’Brien all exist on the intersection of magic and comedy. Hopefully, his upcoming Netflix show will do the same.