I’m running out of clever ways to open these articles, folks. You know the drill: Friday. Videos. Smug quips. Enjoy.

The magical acts in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent were swamped by no-fun jerks in the British press who chimed in after every episode to inform us that, actually, Marc Spelmann does not posses a supernatural power over time and space. Of course, anyone with an ounce of insight to the art can tell you that knowing how a trick is done makes you a magician in the same way that knowing the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven makes you a rock star. 

Ozzie magic man, Ben Murphy, posted a cute, “interactive,” mind reading trick on YouTube. And no, the interactive element isn’t, “press the like button.” But you should. 

The final episode of the first season of Mutant Powers is now live for your viewing pleasure. Despite my distaste for “prank” videos, I’ve really enjoyed this comedy/magic format, and I can’t wait to see what Kyle Marlett does next. Hopefully another season of this. 

Magician and America’s Got Talent winner, Mat Franco, and the delicious taste of Dunkin’ Donuts, bring you a cheeky magic tutorial. Personally I found it hard to concentrate on the mechanics and useful presentation tips because I kept being distracted by the icy cool iced coffee on the desk next to him. Or at least I was until he shoved that straw up his nose. Now I’ll forever associate Dunkin’ Donuts with snot and chunks of Mat Franco’s brain matter. 

Trapeze artists Mary and Tyce, better known as Duo Transcend, made an absolutely killer appearance on America’s Got Talent. To be honest, I think I’d pay good money to watch Tyce paint a fence, so the fact he and Mary are also excellent performers is icing on the cake.

And on that shameless bit of objectification, I bid you a good weekend, gentle readers. See you next week!


So that headline probably needs an explanation. Open your notebooks to page one.

  1. Kyle Marlett is touring to promote his new Facebook Watch show, in which he convinces members of the public they’ve been given superpowers.
  2. The show is called Mutant Powers. 
  3. The X-Men are a fictional team of mutants with superpowers who regularly appear in the pages of Marvel comics (Note: Marvel is in no way affiliated with the show). 
  4. In the video above, Marlett draws an X on his hand, and then magically transfers that X to the closed fist of a TV host.
  5. The X makes Marlett a man with an X on his hand, thus an “X-Man.”
  6. The TV host now also has an X. Thus they are X-Men.   
  7. Headline of the decade.

Oh, and here’s the actual episode. I guess that’s important.

Mutant Powers is set to run for five episodes, with a new episode airing every Thursday at 3pm EST. 

Do you want to become a super hero?

Well, don’t throw yourself into that vat of toxic waste just yet, because there’s always a chance you’ll run into Kyle Marlett, whose new show, Mutant Powers, is just what you need. 

Convincing unsuspecting members of the public that you have magic powers is the stock and trade of a magician and child’s play for one as accomplished as Marlett, but he’s going to take the art one step further by convincing his marks that they too have superpowers.

Across five episodes, Marlett will convince people they have powers like telekinesis, super strength and weather control. The last time I saw this many people being convinced they could do the impossible, I was in a creative writing course at college. 

When he’s not duping people into thinking they’re unregistered members of The X-Men, Marlett has his hands full touring the world and consulting for big names in the magic world, as well as producing and appearing on a ton of different TV shows. His quick hands and lightning fast, jabbering patter are an absolute delight, as you can see in his excellent appearance on Fool Us:

Mutant Powers will run for five episodes on Facebook Watch, the-house-that-Zuckerberg-built‘s answer to Netflix.  The first episodes airs on May 24th, followed by an episode every Thursday at 3pm EST. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a shout when the show airs.

*Kyle Marlett will not actually give you super powers