Magicians can do some plenty of nifty moves with a pen, but Inkling by Abdullah Mahmoud takes it to another level. In the trailer, featured performer Alex Loschilov shows the various ways that this ink displacement gimmick can surprise an audience. After drawing two lines of ink on his forearm, Loschilov seems to simply flex and make the lines cross into an X. He demonstrates a few other applications of the gimmick, such as different ways that the ink marks can combine into new drawings or making the ink disappear and replacing it with a physical object. All of the iterations look pretty smashing.

Shin Lim Magic is putting out Inkling, and it will ship from retailers such as Vanishing, Inc. on March 19. For $34.95, you can pre-order the gimmick and online instructions, which include an appearance by Mr. Lim himself. According to the product listing, some DIY is required to use Inkling.

If you’d rather try your luck to snag Inkling for free, then head on over to Magic Orthodoxy’s YouTube channel. He’s running the giveaway through March 18 at 12 am MST. Check out his video for the full details of how to enter the contest. Good luck!

Christmas means contests, and while Theory11’s is still underway, YouTube news and reviews channel Magic Orthodoxy is giving away over $200 in DVDs, gimmicks, and playing cards within the next 24 hours. Check out the video in the tweet below.

The rules are pretty simple but there are a few steps to complete to ensure that you’ve been entered into the drawing. 

First off, make sure you’re subscribed to Magic Orthodoxy’s YouTube channel. Then, go to the YouTube page for the contest video and like it. Listed on that video’s description are a list of other videos that you need to like as well. Once that’s all done, leave a comment on the contest video that you’ve completed the required tasks, and you’re all entered. 

Prizes include six opened Sans Minds DVDs with gimmicks, and a brand new deck of playing cards. You’ve only got a few hours left to enter, though—the contest ends December 22, 2017 at 12am Mountain. If you want to win all this gear, best get to clicking.