If you’re reading GeniiOnline, then you already know that magic is amazing and one of the most fun and fascinating hobbies around. But for the people in your life who need convincing about why you spend your time and resources on magic, here are ten great answers to rely on.

The young UK-based performer Magic Romil penned a personal essay about what he loves about his work. Some of the reasons are fluffy, like celebrity shows and performing in castles or palaces. But he also hits on some of the best reasons to pursue the craft.

Reasons such as learning:

Everyone when they first perform magic fails miserably at some point, but the traits of resilience and determination you build through performing feeds in to all other parts of life.

And, maybe most importantly, happiness:

When people have fallen on bad times or got dealt a tough hand in life, magic provides a happy moment for them, whether it’s for a minute, hour, day, or just a split second. In that moment they forget everything else and return to a childlike state of bliss. The real gift of magic is to be able to give this feeling to all who take a second to watch.

Read the whole piece here.