With the weekend fast approaching, it’s time to slip into relaxation mode with another batch of magic videos that don’t require any of that “reading” stuff I’ve heard so much about. Well, I mean there is some reading involved. You’re reading this right now. But you don’t have to. You could just skip this introduction and move straight on to the videos. It’s not like that would hurt my feelings or anything.

London-based magician, Magical Bones, performs a few tricks for YouTube collective, The Sidemen, including his signature back flip card catch. Bones will be performing his new show, Black Magic, at the Underbelly Festival next week.     

I’ve been keeping an eye on young Irish magician, Joel M, for a while now, as he performs his way through various retail outlets and burger joints. In his latest video, which is once again infuriatingly shot in a vertical aspect ratio, he dons a bath robe and slippers for some comfy hotel magic.  

In this third episode of Mutant Powers, magician Kyle Marlett gives another unsuspecting victim off-brand superpowers. This time, it’s the power of telekinesis, and the ability to avoid getting pooped on by birds.

In this short and sweet vid, Ace Cunnings turns a Bicycle Blue into a Bicycle Red. It’s a shame he couldn’t turn it into a card from a decent deck.

Magician and photographer, Alex Pandrea, takes a short break from teaching us how to shoot good card photos (and exploring an idyllic island paradise) to deliver a useful tutorial for a trick that’s both impressive and nearly self-working. 

And there we have it, folks. A few videos, a lot of magic, and a little homework for the weekend. Enjoy.  

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call Richard Essien, better known as Magical Bones, one of the coolest magicians the UK has produced in years. I mean, this promo for his 2011 hip-hop illusion show, Sleight of Dance, was made the best part of a decade ago, and it’s still slicker than a lot of vids released this year.

But Sleight was just the start for the London-born magician and dancer, who went on to star in the successful West End magic show Impossible and appear in Around the World in 80 Tricks. Fresh from a superb closing performance at the 2018 BAFTA TV awards, Bones will be performing his new show Black Magic at the Underbelly Festival Southbank. 

Black Magic is more than a eye-catching reference to Bones’ skin color. The show is a tribute to Henry “Box” Brown, a slave-turned magician from the 1800’s who freed himself by hiding inside a wooden crate and mailing himself to abolitionists in Philadelphia. After his escape, Brown became a famous abolitionist speaker, magician, and showman.  

Magical Bones will be performing Black Magic at 5pm on June 13th and July 2nd at The Underbelly Festival in London. Tickets are available now and cost just £17.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where you might have seen Bones before, he was the dancer in the excellent music video for Mint Royale’s catchy remix of Singing in the Rain. 

Ledley King was one of the Tottenham Hotspurs’ best defenders before retiring due to knee injuries back in 2012. While he may no longer play soccer (or football, as it’s know literally everywhere else but the United States), he still acts as the official ambassador for the team, representing the Spurs on social media and at various engagements. For this particular event, King wanted to do something a bit more… magical.

The plan was to roll into a special lunch hosted at Wembley Stadium for some contest winners, dressed up in a special costume, complete with wig and make-up. The guests only knew that they would be visted by a “Mr. Tottenham”, who would swing by, shake some hands, and perform some tricks. To prepare, King enlisted the help of illusionist and dancer Magical Bones, who taught King a few tricks to perform for the fans at this event. 

A bunch of practice and a few hours of costume prep, and he was all set for the big day, the fruits of which you can view in the tweet embedded above. The way they work the last card trick into the moment King reveals who he is is pretty inspired, I must say.

Many performers draw on outside talents to make their magic acts stand out. Magical Bones is one such magician, blending his tricks with break-dancing. Although his entertainment career began working alongside music artists such as Madonna and Alicia Keys, he’s now one of the top-billed performers in the travelling magic show Impossible.

He spoke with InterAksyon about his work and the tour, which is currently in the Philippines. It’s no surprise that the multi-talented performer has high standards for himself and his profession.

“It’s all about practice, hard work and dedication,” he said. “And maybe hours of staying in front of the mirror making sure you’ve got the slide and deck of the cards right, and things like that.”

Bones also gave his own take on the distinction between mastering a specific card trick and the broader idea of magic.

“The word ‘magic’ for us is the feeling of astonishment, giving people a feeling of wonder and amazement,” he said. “So as a magician, whenever you get people to feel amazed, that feeling they get, you also get from providing that. A sense of joy when I show you a trick and then, ‘wow!’ I’m happy for you just as you’re happy to see the trick.”