Did you know that Cy Endfield, director of films like Zulu, was also a magician who even crafted his own card tricks? Many of his tricks were compiled into a series of books called Cy Endfield’s Entertaining Card Tricks by Lewis Ganson, a writer with over 60 magic books to his credit and editor of an English periodical called The Gen.

This is only one of an infinite possible rabbit holes you can tumble into when you visit MagicPedia, an online information hub and resource hosted by Genii, The Conjuror’s Magazine. The wiki-style encyclopedia is filled with loads of articles and links to just about anything you could ever want to know about magic and the people who make the impossible happen.

Want to learn more about the history of the bullet catch, one of the most dangerous illusions ever devised? MagicPedia’s got a full rundown, along with a list of known performers who have attempted the trick. Or, you could check out a list of winners of the World Magic Championships held by FISM since 1948, complete with links to magicians who currently have their own page hosted on MagicPedia. The whole thing is built to sate your curiosity, as one link often leads into a dozen other topics, concepts, or magicians related to your chosen article.

And because it’s built in the style of Wikipedia, information on MagicPedia is compiled and sourced by its users, many of them dedicated magic fans, aficionados, and performers. As more of the history of magic is lost to time, it’s becoming more and more imperative to build a living and lasting way to document that information from as many available sources as possible. So if you’re sitting on out of print books or magazines, or anything else that could help enhance the world’s knowledge of the magical arts, don’t hesitate to help out by submitting an article of your own

MagicPedia is truly unlike any other magical resource out there on the internet. Just make sure you set aside some time when you check it out; there’s no way you’re getting out of there without clicking on at least a half-dozen links.

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