Every year on May 25th, hundreds of professional clowns and non-professional merrymakers march through Peru’s capital to mark the anniversary of the passing of José Alvarez Vélez, better known as Tony Perejil, the “clown of the poor.” The BBC had a photographer on the ground to capture this year’s parade. 

This year’s parade also had a political element, as several groups of clowns were marching in support of government health care and financial assistance for circus performers.

Check out this BBC feature for more photos from the event. The news outlet also has a few snaps from the 2013 march:

The parade takes place in every year on May 25th in Lima, Peru. 

Let us review the harbingers of spring: Robins. Crocus. The March issue of Genii. At least one of these is currently out there. 

The cover story this month is attorney, Marine colonel (awarded a purple heart), and outgoing president of the Academy of Magical Arts Randy Sinnott. Randy has done an enormous amount for both Genii and the Academy of Magical Arts during his term. The Magic Castle had a fire several years ago and was in pretty bad shape afterward, and it was Randy who led the charge to get the club rebuilt and back on its feet. Jim Steinmeyer profiles this remarkable man. 

You can pick up the March issue of Genii at your local magic establishment, or if it’s still too cold where you are (we’re getting snow AGAIN?), you can always subscribe and have it brought right to you. $35 gets you a full year of Genii, plus access to 80 years of archives, plus all of Magic Magazine’s archives. That’s…kind of a ridiculous amount of magic info for your browsing pleasure.