Matthew Laslo may be one of the youngest magicians to hit the international circuit, and now we get to see the results. He’s shared the video of his performance on The Amazing Magicians, the Chinese reality show that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers, to his Facebook page. With so much moxie and stage presence at such a tender age, this kid’s likely to go far.

Laslo has, understandably, been talking up the recent appearance in the lead-up to his sharing of the video. He told a local newspaper that going overseas and working with other magicians on the episode was an “incredible” experience.

Considering public speaking is one of many adults’ greatest fears, few of us can imagine standing up and holding court before 270 million people. Even fewer could not only do so, but do it with ease and grace as a teenager. As one of the recently featured performers on Chinese television show The Amazing Magicians, Matthew Laslo has done just that.

The 17-year-old from Washington recently flew overseas to film an episode of the reality TV competition, which is the most-watched show in China.  Unsurprisingly, he was the youngest member of his team, a group of five international performers pitted against five Chinese magicians and challenged to show their best tricks.

“These (magicians) are the people I’ve been watching on DVDs,” Laslo told local newspaper The Islands’ Sounder about the experience. “It was incredible to see all these people that didn’t speak the same language, didn’t know each other, working together to create really good magic for TV.”

The show’s producers invited Laslo to participate after seeing him on Penn & Teller Fool Us, which is increasingly a gateway appearance for many of the next generation of magicians. While it wasn’t his first rodeo being filmed, Laslo said the production was much larger than any he’d previously been a part of.

“It opened me up more, in terms of what I picture a successful magician being,” Laslo said. “There is a whole world of magic out there that I can’t wait to explore.”

The Amazing Magicians has hosted several of magic’s biggest and most beloved names. Madhi Gilbert was on the program in late 2017, and his was one of the rare episodes where the entire presentation is available to watch. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for clips of Laslo’s appearance to arrive online.