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LOS ANGELES, CA – January 14, 2019 – The response from audiences across the country to Michael Grandinetti’s magic is no illusion!  A successful fixture in theaters, casinos, with symphony orchestras, at sporting events, and for public and private events from coast to coast, Michael’s live touring show “Magic On The Cutting Edge” has just been named “The Best Live Magic Show of 2018” by Digital Journal.
In the December 31 article, writer Markos Papadatos stated “Internationally recognized magician and illusionist Michael Grandinetti put on the best live magic show of 2018.  His presentation skills were second to none and he was able to touch his audience on an emotional level.  Grandinetti proved beyond a doubt that he is a true master illusionist.
Not an ordinary magic show, “Magic On The Cutting Edge” is an interactive event that pushes the audience’s expectations of magic to new limits.  Legendary magic plots of levitation, escapes, sawing in half, teleportation, and more are reimagined for today’s audiences, making them more visual, surprising, and even more astounding than ever before.  The show is designed to engage the entire audience and to pull them directly into the magic.
In 2018 alone, Michael brought his magic to venues including The Durham Performing Arts Center (Durham, NC), iPlay America (Freehold, NJ), The Paramount Theater (Long Island, NY), The Muskogee Performing Arts Center (Muskogee, OK), and The Jackson Center for the Arts (Jackson, WY).  Michael also performed NBA halftime shows for the Utah Jazz, where he sawed an audience member in half for Fan Appreciation Night, and for the Dallas Mavericks, where he levitated 10ft above center court at American Airlines Center while surrounded by 20,000 people.  Michael also appeared 4 times on the CW TV series “Masters of Illusion”, with 20 appearances overall during the past five seasons, and he performed live with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra at Kodak Hall.
2019 promises to be another year filled with magic for audiences of all ages as Michael travels throughout the US, Canada, and beyond with upcoming performances.
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Masters of Illusion is sending off 2017 in holiday style with its upcoming Christmas Magic special. And in an interview with Fansided, regular performer Michael Grandinetti talked about the process of crafting magic for this special, and how he wanted to create tricks that were more than just the same old standbys with a Christmas twist.

From the interview:

“They came to several magicians on the show, myself included, and said, ‘What can we do to create some magic that doesn’t just look like Christmas?’

“We’re not going to take a big red ribbon and put it on a prop and say it’s a Christmas prop. But what can we do to actually make the magic itself convey the message and the story and feel of the holidays?”

Grandinetti is obviously playing coy with details—it would ruin the surprise after all—but he thinks they’ve pulled it off. “We created several ideas for the show which hopefully created just that,” he told Fansided. “Marrying magic and illusion with the feeling of Christmas.”

Masters of Illusion: Christmas Magic airs tonight on the CW at 9pm Eastern via on-air TV, the CW app, or For more from the interview with Grandinetti, including what Masters of Illusion fans can expect in 2018, check out the rest of the interview over at Fansided.