One of the many magical acts in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent is a swarm of dancing, magic-performing children that call themselves Acrocadabra. Everything was going swimmingly in their semi-final performance, until, in the grand finale, they pulled a cloth off of a box to reveal…

… a bald stagehand squatting awkwardly behind the prop, mouthing what appears to be the words, “what the f**k?”

The kids, to their credit, handled the situation like pros, and kept smiling even as the stagehand scuttled off stage during a camera pan. 

The judges didn’t notice the blunder, but the hopeful kiddos had their tiny hearts broken when they were eliminated during the results show anyway. When showed the footage later, Simon Cowell and co apparently had a good laugh at the bewildered crewman.

“You know what he’s done, he’s literally lost them a place in the final,” he joked.