Nashville has a well-deserved reputation as America’s Music City, but in a few months, perhaps that moniker will be adjusted to Music and Magic City. Tennessee’s capital is getting its first dedicated magic venue, the House of Cards, which is scheduled to open on April 9. The space is underneath the Johnny Cash Museum and Patsy Cline Museum, and all are owned by Bill Miller.

“We wanted something that was totally different,” Miller, who owns several music-related spots in the city, told News Channel 5. “This is our gift to Nashville. It was an incredibly risky thing to do because nobody’s ever done it before.”

The space serves as both performance venue and museum. Artifacts on display at House of Cards include a German playing card dating back to 1490, vintage magic posters, and one of Harry Houdini’s handcuff creations.

On the performance side, all guests will be treated to magicians doing tricks in the restaurant and bar area. The required reservation also includes a ticket for the magic show in the theater room. If you want to get otherworldly, reserving the private dining room includes participating in a seance; it’s billed as “family-friendly” and “Disney-style,” so don’t expect anything too creepy. 

As you can see from the local news profile above, House of Cards is going for a retro, speak-easy vibe. “It’s a place where people are gonna come to feel special,” Miller said.