Dynamo is still on the mend after dealing with a triple-whammy of health problems, but fans will be getting a chance to see the magician back at work as soon as this summer. Dynamo is bringing his Seeing is Believing tour to New Zealand in July. The show offers a large stage for his very large illusions. Tickets for the New Zealand dates go on sale at 10 am on April 16. Here’s the current itinerary:

July 20, 8:00 pm – Horncastle Arena in Christchurch

July 21, 2:00 pm – Horncastle Arena in Christchurch

July 26, 8:00 pm – Spark Arena in Auckland

A true international performer, Dynamo will also be doing shows in South Africa in May. His website has the full schedule, and tickets are still available for the shows in Pretoria and Cape Town.

Sometimes the title of a show is so good it can stand alone as a headline. The Naked Samoans Do Magic is definitely one of those.

A little context for those of you who don’t hail from New Zealand: The Naked Samoans are a comedy troupe made up of Polynesian entertainers that got their start on the stage back in 1998.  Their biting brand of social satire resonated with Kiwi audiences, eventually netting them a ground-breaking TV show – New Zealand’s first animated series aimed at adults – and a successful movie. 

At this year’s Auckland Art’s Festival, 20-years after their debut, the Naked Samoans are returning to the stage once again, this time with a magical twist.

In The Naked Samoans Do Magic, the Samoans inherit the keys to a rambling haunted house in the city of Ponsonby. The lads decide to sell it off to make a quick buck, but have to contend with the spirits that roam the halls of the house. The show features their usual brand of comedy and, in case you were wondering why the show was appearing on this site, stage magic.   

The troupe is being tutored in the deceptive arts by former magician and director of The Conch theater company, Nina Nawalowalo.

The Naked Samoans Do Magic will run from March 22nd to March 25th  at The Civic, Auckland. Tickets are on sale now and start at $29 Kiwi dollars plus a handling fee of $5.

Earlier this month, Shin Lim took the stage in New Zealand as part of a limited engagement called Magicians alongside Colin Cloud and Hector Mancha. Audiences there got a chance to see a stunning performance of his signature 52 Shades of Red routine, but thanks to the magic of the internet, you can watch it for yourself via Lim’s YouTube channel (or simply watch the video in the embed above). Watching him apparate and shift cards around as smoothly as he does is like watching poetry in motion. Take a few minutes, check it out, and be amazed.

Who better to teach the next generation of magician than a fellow youngster? Twelve-year-old Kid Dynamo is teaching weekly classes at a public library in New Zealand’s Manawatū district. He wants to help grow his local magic scene and is already working to keep his students engaged with new skills.

When he isn’t performing, the young magician is known to the world as Caleb Wilson. He said that his dream is to be an entertainer once he’s an adult, following in the steps of his inspiration Steven Frayne, who goes by stage name Dynamo. Wilson’s repertoire is mostly in card tricks, but he’s found himself already drawn to the thrill of performance at a young age. 

“I do it to wow people and see their reactions,” he told Stuff. “I’m proud of myself that I’m doing something that makes people want to talk to me.”