Long time readers of Genii Online are likely well-aware of my distaste for Rubik’s Cube tricks. Spoiler: They always look gaffed, even when they aren’t. You should also be aware that I am a certified fat man, fully licensed in both greed and advanced gluttony. As you can imagine I went through my entire emotional range during the course of the video above, in which my favorite smug magician, Patrick Kun, pulled a cube from his phone before transforming it into chocolate. 

That was, as the kids might say, relevant to my interests. 

Kun makes his living performing live, hawking goods in slick ads for the likes of Coca Cola, and selling his own magic tools and accessories, including a really swank cardistry/performance deck called Mirage. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

An inside source has informed me that today is, as a matter of fact, Friday, which means it’s time for our weekly video roundup of all the magic videos released this week that didn’t warrant their own articles. 

Some magicians perform for crowds of screeching, ape-like creatures that constantly climb all over the place, demand attention, and try to make off with the props. We call these poor souls, “children’s magicians.” In the video above, Simon Pierro, better known as the iPad Magician, is performing for a far better class of audience at the Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali. 

Patrick Kun triples his winnings with this incredibly slick poker chip routine set to some very funky music. The bit where he seemingly pulls one from his watch face is like … You know that little picture of fire kids are always using on Twitter? It’s like five of those.

Michael Vincent of Vincent Academy performs Darwin Ortiz’s “Do As I Did.” It takes a little bit to get going, but it’s superb trick with an amazing payoff. 

The man in black requested a trick, and the gunslinger followed (the instructions). Unfortunately, despite learning how to twirl iron (or in this case, plastic) with the best of them, Mat Ricardo decided brandishing a gun on stage in his new tour wasn’t the best idea. 

Alex McAleer made the mistake of examining his earlier work in detail. You can actually see his slow descent into madness as he realises that his bad fashion choices will echo through the universe until the death of time itself. Also, the new Champions of Magic tour kicks off this weekend.  

Michael Kent performed a cute trick with a $10 bill to promote his show in Gahanna Ohio this evening. Pro tip: When he says, “look at the bottom of the bill,” don’t look at the bottom of the bill.

And there you have it, folks, a steady supply of magic videos that should see you through the weekend. Enjoy. 

There is an art to telling bad jokes. The deadpan delivery, the slightly-too-long pauses, the feeble explanation, they’re all vital to delivering a quip that invokes not laughter, but a long weary sigh as your audience realizes that you have wasted vital seconds of their life. You have, in essence, killed a tiny part of them with your words. It’s like being an evil wizard.

It’s in this manner that sleight-of-hand maestro, Patrick Kun, just committed mass murder in a trick video that opens with a clanger so deliberately bad I physically winced.  

He then followed it up with a really cool trick that actually has me considering picking up a micro-deck. The sleights are easy to follow on a second viewing, but the trick is crazy smooth the first time round. The slow-burn reveal of the switched card box is such a good way to open the routine too.

Kun makes his living performing live, hawking goods in slick ads for the likes of Coca Cola, and selling his own magic tools and accessories, including a really swank cardistry/performance deck called Mirage that I may just add to my collection.  You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Patrick Kun and Rodney Reyes are great magicians on their own, but when they team up, something special happens. They’ve collaborated on a bunch of Instagram short videos together, and Kun recently uploaded a longer edit featuring a handful of those compilations to YouTube. Kun and Reyes share shots conjured from thin air, mess with poker chips, and even share some smoke with fellow close-up magician Shin Lim in a cheeky spin on Lim’s routine. Check out more of what they’re working on by following Kun on Instagram here and Reyes on Instagram here.

We see a lot of custom-designed cards here at GeniiOnline, but decks built for cardistry aren’t always the right choice for illusionists, no matter how cool they look. Magician and graphic designer Patrick Kun took those design sensibilities and added some magical utility with his Mirage playing cards – and now they come in black.

The Eclipse variant of the Mirage deck features the same distinct swirl pattern and crosshatching background as the pink Dawn or gray-green Dusk cards, but comes in an elegant and striking black and white arrangement. They’re also printed on a different cardstock than the previous two editions of Eclipse, as Kun worked directly with Legends Playing Cards to print the cards on special “Cardistry” paper from Taiwan. You can take a look at the design and build for yourself in the unboxing video below.

While the spiral design makes these cards perfect for making your favorite cardistry maneuvers pop, they’ve also got a few secrets to help keep you one step ahead with your tricks. For one, they’re marked – no telling exactly how, but each deck comes with a secret link inside the box that reveals the method. They also come pre-shuffled in Juan Tamariz’s Mnemonica stack, so you can do sealed deck tricks right when your deck arrives.

If you’re interested in picking up your own deck, you can snag one from Art of Play or directly from Patrick Kun’s website for $10 (plus shipping). They’re limited to a run of just 5000 decks, so get your order in now because like the previous variants, they will sell out.

Want to see a magic trick? Head to YouTube. Want to learn a magic trick? Head to YouTube. There’s a wealth of educational channels out there for magicians wanting to add new moves to their arsenals. Today we have a double dose of tutorials from a skilled pair of performers. Alex Pandrea and Patrick Kun recently collaborated on a playing card deck called Green Visa, and each guested on the other’s channel to show off the product.

Above, learn a sandwich effect from Patrick Kun. Below, Alex Pandrea showed off an effect for appearing to swap the location of the four aces between his hand and the card box.

Want to see and hear more from these two? Alex Pandrea was a recent guest on the Discourse in Magic podcast. Patrick Kun also did a slick performance on The Amazing Magicians for Chinese TV.

Ready for magic to get a little…stranger?! Thai magician Patrick Kun has a new video up on YouTube with his latest TV spot from China’s The Amazing Magicians program. He’s dubbed the act “Invisible Palm” and it showcases some slick card and object tricks, all set to a wubby remix of the Stranger Things theme song. There’s appearing, disappearing, floating, and transformation afoot, but we’re pretty sure the Upside Down isn’t actually the cause of it.