Piff the Magic Dragon is a hoot on stage and off. But he played it surprisingly straight in a recent interview with Las Vegas Weekly about his holiday-themed Piffmas at Piffany’s show. He shared how the original concept of his Breakfast at Piffany’s bit emerged out of boredom during an early Vegas gig.

“I was supposed to be doing two sets of 10 minutes,” he said. “I was used to doing hour-long shows, so I was bored out of my mind.”

So he starting doing a secret midnight show at the bar in Rose.Robbit.Lie., a supper club at the Cosmopolitan. It’s an interactive magic game show, where his audience gets split into teams and the teams compete against each other helping Piff out with tricks. He even turned the act into a fundraiser, auctioning off stale croissants to the highest bidder.

“We raised $15,000 in three months for Communities in Schools by auctioning off stale pastries, and the winning bidder would go into a secret-secret room and have this whole crazy croissant-dance thing that no one would ever speak of.”

Not too shabby! Check out the whole interview, including Piff’s Christmas plans, here.