Lots of magicians use magic to spice up their own acts, but it’s not every day that you see a magician changing into a dozen different outfits while also singing a wall-thumping pop banger. But that’s exactly what Solange Kardinaly does in the video above. She’s a third-generation illusionist from Portugal, combining magic, quick change, and singing chops for a performance that’s unlike anything else. Check out the video above to see her in action, or visit her website for more info and links to her various social media channels.

After performing for over 270 million people in China, Mahdi Gilbert continues his travels across the globe, arriving in South Korea to perform on the variety show Star King. He recently uploaded a few clips from his appearance on the show, including the video above, which features a bunch of pop stars having their collective minds destroyed when Mahdi makes their selected card appear on the top of the deck. It’s a great trick on its own, but the combination of the dramatic music, the editing, the on-screen displays, and their reaction to the trick makes this video truly entertaining.

To see more from his appearance on Star King, check out his performance of Levand’s “It Cannot Be Done Any Slower” here:

And a card-to-pocket trick performed with Korean magician Charming Choi here:

For all of Mahdi’s videos, be sure to visit his YouTube channel.