New Year’s celebration is a huge deal in China, with businesses, factories, and manufacturing plants shutting down for as long as a month to ring in the Year of the Dog. As a result, companies like Ellusionist are letting people know that stocks are running low on certain items, and likely won’t be replenished for at least a few months. In fact, Geraint Clarke from Ellusionist just sent out an email informing customers that they currently have around 300 copies of Quiver in stock, and that this will likely be all they have for a while:

Last week was Chinese New Year. 2 things you need to know.

1. It’s the year of the dog.
2. Manufacturing usually shuts down in China for a month (to celebrate).

Now I’ve used point #1 to convince my girlfriend to get a sausage dog called Nigel, but how does this affect YOU?  

Quiver is made in a factory in China ran by creator Kelvin Chow. They won’t be back until March and with production and shipping time factored in, the Quiver we have in stock now is our last stock for a while.

So if you wanted one, two or three of these incredible switching wallets then you’ve gotta act fast.

If you’re looking to add Quiver to your repertoire of tricks over the next couple months, you’d probably act fast and buy it now before they run out. It’s $39, and you can snag it over at