Richard Jones is no stranger to a military setting; after all, the professional magician is also a lance corporal in the British Army. But Jones recently blended his two worlds, spending two weeks performing for troops stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. For an Army man, the experience was both moving and meaningful.

“My shows in Afghanistan are probably the most rewarding of my career,” Jones told the Daily Star. “There’s still so much happening out there but people don’t realise because it no longer makes the news back home. I’m not going to lie, it was scary and you were aware of the danger. But the reaction we got made it all worthwhile.”

In order to visit Kabul, the Britain’s Got Talent winner had to do refresher training on the chance that he would be called on to assist in an attack. Multiple terror attacks happened in the Afghan capital during his trip.

“It made me realise just how hard it is for the families back home. It’s probably worse than for those risking their lives out there.”

Love is in the air for Britain’s royal family. Wedding bells will be ringing soon for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and one magician is already banking on an invite to dazzle the newlyweds. Richard Jones, winner of Britain’s Got Talent from 2016, shared his hope to be a performer at the upcoming royal wedding during a recent television appearance. “I haven’t had the call yet, but I hope they will call,” he told TV host Christine Lampard.

It wouldn’t be the first time he’d impressed royalty. Jones also talked about when Prince William was a recent on-stage guest at one of his performances. Understandably, His Highness’ security was a little edgy about it.

“I had Prince William on-stage at one of my shows recently. When I invited him on-stage, I could start seeing a few fidgety people in the audience and then I brought out a sword as part of the trick,” Jones said. “I could definitely tell who the [security] people were because I’m sure they were getting ready to rugby tackle me.”

Jones must be a real romantic, because he’s also using Valentine’s Day to announce some special UK tour dates for his show, The Military Illusionist.

When you’re assisting a magician with a trick, it’s best to listen to the instructions—even if you’re His Royal Highness Prince William. At a recent charity event in the UK, Britain’s Got Talent winner Richard Jones called Prince William on stage for a card trick, who then proceeded to chuck a full deck of cards into the air when Jones wasn’t ready. It’s ok, though; Jones is a professional, and proceeds to wrap up the trick in impressive fashion.